CushCore PRO 27.5" Tyre Insert Set - grey/22 - 35 mm

CushCore PRO 27.5" Tyre Insert Set

Item number: 62967

Technical Information:

Inner Rim Width:
22 mm - 35 mm
Rim Diameter:
Tyre Width:
2.1 - 2.5"
Valve Material:
Aluminium (6061 T-6)
Valve Type:
SV (Sclaverand/Presta)
Valve Length:
44 mm

Note from the manufacturer:
CushCore recommends using the following tyre sealant: Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex or Stan's NoTubes.


  • very high damping characteristics for more control over your bike
  • manufactured in Canada under controlled quality standards
  • the rim is protected against impacts from all sides
  • reduces vibrations
  • CNC-milled, green valves
  • removable valve core

Manufacturer Number:



  • 2 x CushCore 27.5" tyre inserts
  • 2 x CushCore tubeless valves, green
  • 1 x CushCore valve core remover
  • 4 x CushCore rim decals
  • 1 x CushCore logo decal


  • grey/22 - 35 mm: 250 g pro Laufrad
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.84 / 5.00


  • grey/22 - 35 mm, in stock

Customer Reviews (4)


Customer Reviews (4)


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by Edward W. on 02.08.2018
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item: grey/22 - 35 mm
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I'm a sucker for new technologies, I'll admit. Especially those which state they can make my ride more comfortable and safer. I've got nice rims and ride in a very rocky place so, at the very least, these inserts were going to give me peace of mind.

I'd read the marketing hype, watched the videos, read some online reviews, but I was sceptical that they were going to do anything other than protect my rims.

I'll say it here - I was wrong. There is a noticeable difference in ride quality. It seems to have dulled the small chatter of riding up fire roads, and when you turn them downhill, you can smash them into some pretty big hits and feel like your suspension is working better than ever. Grip is great, but I haven't had them installed for long enough to figure out if it is any better, plus I put them in new tyres, so the grip is going to be better than my old set anyway.

The negatives are only that they definitely make your rotational mass greater (which may or may not be offest by the claim of better rolling resistance), and that they are a pain the a** to fit. Following the instructions is always a good idea, but even then it took me close to an hour to fit them and mount the tyres.

I think these are going on my "must have" list of upgrades for any new build, along with Invisiframe.

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