Duracell Alkaline Battery AAA LR03 Ultra Power - 4 Pack

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Duracell Ultra Power AAA is the most advanced Duracell battery for all your devices, giving you reliable performance and long-lasting power in a wide range of everyday devices. Duracell Ultra Power uses the unique Powercheck™technology that allows you to check the remaining power: Press the white dots to see how much power is left in your battery.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

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Battery Type:
Battery Design:
micro battery

Technical Information:

10.5 mm
44.5 mm


  • Ultra Power: longest lasting of Duracell batteries
  • special equipment performance
  • leak protection


Power check™
Powercheck™technology allows you to check the power remaining in a battery and thus avoid unnecessary interruptions while using your device. It also allows you to use batteries in low power devices when they no longer work in energy-intensive devices. (Keep the batteries together and do not mix them with unused batteries in another device). Simply press on the white dots on both ends of the battery and read off the remaining power on the display.

High density core
Duracell Ultra Power batteries have a high density core. This gives the battery a dense and compact structure that allows Duracell to put more power into a conventional size battery, giving Duracell Ultra Power a longer life than other Duracell batteries.
Unlike zinc carbon batteries, Duracell Ultra Power batteries do not contain cavities, which means there is more room inside for active materials. They are effectively compressed, creating the dense and compact structure of the characteristic " high density core" . In fact, this provides significantly more energy and a longer operating time compared to zinc-carbon batteries.
Duracell batteries with High Density Core are heavier than conventional batteries. More weight means more active ingredients, and more active ingredients means more power. High Density Core technology from Duracell delivers long-lasting alkaline power for both energy-intensive and low-power devices.

Most batteries slowly lose power over time, even when not in use. Duralock technology keeps unused lithium button cells fresh and charged for up to 10 years. So you can build up a supply of Duracell batteries without worries.
Ordinary zinc-carbon batteries contain fewer active ingredients and lose energy over time because the chemical reactions take place constantly. Unlike zinc-carbon batteries, Duracell Duralock batteries are filled with a double amount of active ingredients that remain sealed in a unique durable construction. This prevents battery leakage and maintains battery performance much longer.

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  • 4 x Duracell LR03/MX2400 Ultra Power batteries


  • universal/universal, in stock

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