ESI Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips

Item number: 45238
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - black/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - black/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - black/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - yellow/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - aqua/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - white/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - blue/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - green/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - red/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - gray/130 mm
Chunky Silicone Handlebar Grips - orange/130 mm
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Ultralight, comfortable and colourful: the Chunky Grips by ESI

Thanks to their good shock and vibration absorption, these handlebar grips are also very comfortable during longer rides, and offer necessary grip at all times, even in the rain. The light and flexible silicone material adapts perfectly to your hand every time. In addition, the handle is easy to assemble and can be shortened to the desired length.


Application: All Mountain, Enduro
Clamp: none

Technical Information:

Material: silicone
Length: 130 mm
Diameter: 32 mm


- very comfortable even on longer rides
- absorbs vibrations and shocks for even greater comfort
- very good grip even in the rain
- asymmetrical handle design for more comfort
- latex-free
- easily cut down to preferred size


Clean your handlebars, then press the handlebar plugs into the grip ends. Moisten the cleaned inside of the grip and the handlebara with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol, pull the grips onto the handlebars and turn them so that the thicker side is facing the palm of your hand. Allow them to dry for 24 hours.

Loosen the grips with a blunt screwdriver or similar pushed underneath, then spray window cleaner or water underneath and pull them off the handlebars. Otherwise, they can also be removed with the aid of compressed air.


- Grip: Wet or dry, your hands won't budge! Non-slip without being sticky.
- Comfort: Reduces numbness in the hands, fatigue and the so-called " arm pump" .
- Wear: UV-resistant, non-porous, does not harden and fade.
- Adhesion: Does not require glue, hairspray or lock-ons! These grips do not slip.
- Elements: Withstands extreme temperatures and climates.
- Maintenance: Washable, installation/removal by means of window spray, compressed air or cleaning alcohol.

Manufacturer Numbers:

black: GBK02
pink: GCKP9
aqua: GCKAQ
blue: GIC03
gray: GCKGY
green: GCKG8
orange: GCK08
red: GLV04
white: GCKW9
yellow: GCKY0
purple: GCKPR


- 1 x pair ESI Chunky grips
- 1 x pair ESI handlebar plugs


  • aqua/130 mm: 60 g


  • black/130 mm, in stock
  • aqua/130 mm, in stock
  • blue/130 mm, in stock
  • green/130 mm, in stock
  • orange/130 mm, in stock
  • red/130 mm, in stock
  • white/130 mm, in stock
  • yellow/130 mm, in stock
  • gray/130 mm, in stock
  • purple/130 mm, out of stock

Customer Reviews (33)


Customer Reviews (33)


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by Andrey O.  on 19.02.2022
verified purchase

These grips are great. They are very comfortable, palms won't get tired when riding on tough terrain. They definitely worth the price.

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by Dmitri G.  on 04.02.2022
verified purchase

Just the best grips for me

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by Grigory R.  on 26.09.2021
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I use these grips on two MTB bikes and love their tacky feeling and comfortable thickness. With right technique it is easy to install them onto the handlebars.

Their weakest part is the end plugs. These plastic things are absolutely horrendous. They cannot survive a single tree hit and usually just flow out at the first opportunity.

The foam grips themselves are quite fragile and thus they need protection that an end plug provides. When I install a new pair of ESI grips, I just immediately throw the end plugs to trash and replace them with aluminum plugs that can hold their own.

Is this review helpful?
by Joju C.  on 15.10.2018
verified purchase

Good performance every time in use every conditions , mud, rain
snow. and Non slip, shock absorbing work for easy , non pain and safety riding.

Is this review helpful?
by Zoltan B.  on 04.11.2017
verified purchase

Goog stuff.

Is this review helpful?
by Claude S.  on 18.05.2017
verified purchase

Soft fleshy grippy, and all of the above when its raining

Is this review helpful?
by ROBERTO C.  on 05.09.2016
verified purchase
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Using them on my xc carbon hardtail. Great grips, super comfy, even after hours of riding; easy to install (just put some liquid soap on the inside of the grip and on the handlebar and slide them on). Would definitely recommend them!
Only cons are: they get super slippery with sweaty hands and one of my bar plug came loose after months of riding (never crashed on that side) and I ended up loosing it somewhere on the Alps.
I do always wash them with just water after every ride but after months of use on the trails and without gloves, color changed a bit and got darker. No big deal to me anyway.

Is this review helpful?
by Yuriy B.  on 13.08.2016
verified purchase

Great grips! I use them for a long time and recommend it to everyone. The only thing - it`s hard to wear them on the bar. Use the alcohol for this purpose.

Is this review helpful?
by Thomas M.  on 12.01.2016
verified purchase

I like these grips, very nice grip with gloves and without, even in the wet.
Quite strong but signs of damage are already showing after a few rough rides.

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