Gravel Bike Apparel


Endura GV500


No-Nonsense is the motto of the Endura GV500 gravel line. With many years of experience in clothing for mountain bikers and road cyclists, Endura’s step towards developing its own gravel line was an obvious one, and combines the best of both worlds in terms of materials and technology. GV500 is a line for gravel bikers that accompanies you on all your adventures: from the short after-work ride over gravel roads to the Transcontinental Race across Europe.


Endura's MTR collection was originally developed as a mountain bike collection aimed at the weight-conscious, performance-oriented mountain biker. However, due to the rather body-hugging cut and the cleverly placed pockets, the collection quickly captured the enthusiasm of gravel bikers looking for high-quality, durable clothing that can cut a fine figure on gravel tracks. MTR has become the forerunner of the first GV500 collection developed entirely for gravel bikers.

Endura MTR