Ergon SM Comp Men's Saddle

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SM Comp Men's Saddle - stealth/S/M
SM Comp Men's Saddle - stealth/S/M
SM Comp Men's Saddle - stealth/S/M
SM Comp Men's Saddle - stealth/S/M
SM Comp Men's Saddle - stealth/S/M
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MTB saddle with comfort plus for men: the SM Comp Men saddle by Ergon

The new SM Men saddles are specially adapted to the male anatomy and optimised to meet the special demands of mountain biking. A multi-faceted development team made up of sports scientists, industrial designers, engineers and test riders used current studies and produced many prototypes to design a new generation of pressure-relieving saddles for men. These saddles effectively prevent sitting complaints such as numbness or general discomfort for most types of mountain biking.
The SM Comp is the all-rounder for MTB touring, trail riding and all-mountain, and offers the best riding comfort thanks to the anatomically optimised relief channel in the sensitive perineal area and athletic comfort padding. OrthoCell®inlays in the seat area ensure the best pressure distribution - the new OrthoCell material provides the highest restoring force and is more durable and lighter than gel. Its flattened rear and Y-shape allow for optimal freedom of movement in the moderately-inclined posture typical of MTBs. This saddle comes with friction-reducing sliding flanks for fast position changes.


Application: All Mountain, Trail, City & Touring
Saddle Rails: 7x7 (standard)

Technical Information:

Rail Material: stainless steel (TiNox)
Shell Material: composite, nylon
Padding: orthopaedic comfort foam w/ OrthoCell® pads
Cover Material: micro-fibre fabric


- Innovative relief inlays
- Relief opening for maximum relief
- Narrow, sloping tail with flat contour allows for good freedom of movement downhill


Effective Relief
The extremely deep relief channel, which is lowered at the rear, ends in an opening at the lowest point. The construction combines all the perks of a perforated saddle without the disadvantages (e.g., a very stiff saddle shell) and achieves a particularly high relief in the sensitive perineum area. Too much pressure in this area often triggers discomfort and numbness in the genital region.

Large area pressure distribution
Cyclists in sporting disciplines sit on the saddle with their pelvis tilted forward. As a result, areas of the sit bones and the pubic arch are subjected to stress. Ergon saddles take this into account and allow for a large-area pressure distribution without pressure peaks.

Flat rear
A narrow, sloping rear with flat contours and a minimal ramp allows for good freedom of movement downhill.

Size Guide:

Sit Bone Distance: 9 - 12 cm

Sit Bone Distance: 12 - 16 cm


- 1 x Ergon SM Comp Men saddle


  • stealth/S/M: 270 g
  • stealth/M/L: 280 g


  • stealth/S/M, in stock
  • stealth/M/L, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Philipp S.  on 05.08.2021

Ich hatte den Sattel in der Hoffnung gekauft, endlich einen passenden für (Mehr)Tagestouren (XC mit AM-/Trail-Anteilen, z.B. Stoneman Miriquidi oder Arduenna) zu finden. Nach wenigen Wochen wanderte er dann aber vom XC-Touren-Fully auf das Trail-Fully.
Nach nun ca. einem Jahr kann ich sagen: zufrieden, aber nicht bei Einsatz im vom Hersteller beworbenen Einsatzbereich.
Bei Feierabend- und Halbtagestouren sowie technischerem Trail-Fahren (S1..S3) komme ich gut klar.
Für längere Touren bin ich wieder zum ursprünglichen OEM-Low Cost-Sattel (Selle Royal Sirio) zurückgekehrt.
Die Verarbeitung ist einwandfrei, Preis halt auf Ergon-Niveau...

Bei Sätteln funktioniert aber offensichtlich einzig und allein das Versuch-und-Irrtum-Prinzip.

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by Timo K  on 24.03.2021
1 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Vor 2Tagen gekauft und jetzt knarzt der Sattel richtig laut... (dort wo die 2 Sattelstreben in den Sattel hineingehen) für diese Preisklasse mehr als enttäuschend... kann diesen Sattel in keinsterweise empfehlen..

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