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Loose Riders means boundless riding fun in the community, detached from stereotypes and questions about downhill, freeride or enduro... Behind the name is not only a clothing brand for mountain bikers, but also an MTB club with a worldwide network. Loose Riders team riders like Nico Vink or Emma Olofsson stand for what Loose Riders is all about: they are fast, stylish and LOOSE! In 2013, the idea was born to design their own clothing collection that reflects the club's attitude towards life and offers a cool alternative to established clothing brands. To this day, the club and brand are run with passion and heart by the same people with the same philosophy. The collections are inspired by our environment: from the trails in the forest to the urban environment of the big city. Peppered with streetwear and vintage elements, Loose Riders offers you wearable MTB gear that is sustainably produced in-house and, in addition to functionality, also fits loosely and looks stylish.
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