Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X 29" Folding Tyre

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Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X 29" Folding Tyre - black/29x2.4
Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X 29" Folding Tyre - black/29x2.4
Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X 29" Folding Tyre - black/29x2.4
Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X 29" Folding Tyre - black/29x2.4
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Application: Enduro, E-Bike
Product Line: Competition
Ground Conditions: mixed
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: Tubeless Ready

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: GUM-X
Carcass: 60 tpi, 3 layers
Sidewall: Gravity Shield


Dimensions: 29 x 2.4"
ETRTO: 61-622
Air Pressure: 1.5 - 4.0 bar
Tube Recommendation: A4
Manufacturer Part Number: 139577


- 1 x Michelin Wild Enduro Front TR GUM-X 3D Gravity 29" folding tyre


  • black/29x2.4: 1030 g


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  • black/29x2.4

Customer Reviews (4)


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Customer Reviews (4)


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by Rene D.  on 10.12.2019

Great allrounder and holding up with the rest of the competition in dry/moist conditions. I would really recommend these tyres to anybody. They are fast, loads of grip and predictable. When it get rainy then do look out, they slide more then you wish for but are still predictable.

Positive side:
- The tyres give enough grip and conifdence to ride harder in dry conditions
- The tyres provide less rolling resistance then expected

Negative side:
- In (very) wet condition they won’t keep up. To much grip is lost.
- Getting these tubeless is not as easy as some other brands.

Front GUM-X spec’d: 1030 grams - Real-life: 1020 grams
Rear GUM-X spec’d: 1160 grams - Real-life: 1162 grams

Used on:
Commencal MetaPower Team 29” with DT Swiss H1700 (spline), inner rim width: 30.5 mm.

The tyes are ECE-R50 (emtb 25 kmph) certified. That in mind, it made me try these tyres on my MetaPower bike. The tyres were not that hard to put on the rims, except that it took quite a long(er) time to keep them sealed. I’ve put in 80ml of Muc-Off sealant per tyre. That should be enough but I had to add another 20ml to keep them sealed (100ml total per tyre). This could be due to the used sealant, but to be honest, I’ve used this sealant before on other tyres without any issues. I’ve kept them on 2 bar / 29 PSI.

They feel good. The side walls feel thick enough to hold up some smashes and rocks. Even though it is not a threathed tyre, they do feel like it. my internal rim width is 30.5 mm, they fit good on my rims and look great as far as that matters.

First ride was somewhat carefull. I didn’t know what to expect and took an easy ride on a local XC trail. It was dry outside but cold, a typical autumn day in the Netherlands. After riding a few kilometers the tyres felt very good. Good grip and to my surprise not that much of rolling resistance from the rear. It’s quite a fast rolling one!

Second ride, time to do some more enduro stuff. I’ve chosen a single track to ride. It was raining and cold, but that shouldn’t take a way any fun. First few kilometers I took it easy again, they felt pretty much the same as before so I took it up a knodge. They still hold up! Keeping up with the flow and of we go. But then it started raining a bit harder and the single track became alot more muddy. At this point the tyre is still predictable but it does loses some grip in both front and rear.

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