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Saturn 14 29" Frame - colour of choice/M
Saturn 14 29" Frame - colour of choice/M
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An interpretation of the modern trail bike: the Saturn 14 frame by Nicolai

The Nicolai Saturn 14 frame is sure to impress with agility, smoothness and climbing pleasure. Thanks to its modern, well-balanced GEOLUTION Trail geometry, it feels as much at home on the house circuit and in the trail centre as it does in Alpencross. Feel like you're rolling over downhill or rising in the front? That's all water under the bridge with the versatile Saturn 14, as the GEOLUTION Trail concept improves almost every aspect of performance. With high-quality 7000 aluminium tubes, the FEM-optimised CNC-milled parts made of high-performance aluminium alloy 7068 and carefully drawn welding seams, Nicolai has constructed a highly rigid, durable yet lightweight frame. The Boost rear triangle provides additional rigidity and tyre clearance, while the 4-seal bearings at all pivot points ensure sensitive response. This frame is rounded out by a bottle cage and weight-reducing titanium screws.


Application: All Mountain, Trail
Wheel Size: 29"
Travel: 130 mm
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Front Triangle Material: aluminium
Rear Triangle Material: aluminium
Linkage Design: Horst link

Technical Information:

Rear Over Locknut Dimension: 148 mm (Boost)
Axle Type: 12 mm thru-axle
Seatpost (Ø): 31.6 mm (S- L), 30.9 mm (XL, XXL)
Seatpost Clamp(Ø): 34.9 mm
Headset: ZS44 - ZS56 (top to bottom)
Steerer tube rec.: 1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered
Recommended Fork Axle to Crown: 537 mm
Recommended Fork Travel: 130 - 140 mm
Bottom Bracket Standard: BSA
Shell Width: 73 mm
Brake Mount: disc PM7 (direct mount 180 mm)
Front Derailleur Mount: not possible
Rear Shock Eye-to-Eye Measurement: 210 mm
Rear Shock Travel: 50 mm
Rear Shock Bushing Width: 22.2 x 8 mm
Bottle Cage Mounts: 1

Approved For:

Rotor Size (max.): 180 mm
Tyre Size (max.): 29 x 2.4"
Chainrings: 1-speed
Fork Axle to Crown Size (max.): 555 mm


The frame is made to be used with forks with a maximum stanchion tube diameter of 35 mm.


- mutator for 29" pre-installed, but frame can also be driven with 27.5" wheels (special headset required)
- travel can be extended to 138 mm when mounted as 27.5" (sizes M to XXL only)
- for fork stand tube diameter 35 mm and 44 mm fork lead
- for 7 mm ZS headset height (S) or 3 mm ZS headset height (M to XXL)
- headset minimum offset below 11 mm
- internal cable guide for seat post
- made in Germany


GEOLUTION is the geometry concept on which all current Nicolai models are based. For the last three years, Nicolai has been working with Chris Porter on GEOLUTION. The concept is based on the knowledge that a longer wheelbase, a flatter steering angle and a steeper seat angle make the bike faster, smoother, safer and more ready to climb. The geometric relationship between wheels, steering angle and the weight distribution between the wheels are the decisive factors for good handling. The relationship between saddle, crank and rear wheel axle is the factor that defines a bike's climbing ability. The GEOLUTION concept combines perfect handling with optimal climbing behaviour. The rider is integrated into the bike by the long reach, the steep seat angle and the long wheelbase, so that the centre of gravity is optimally located between the front and rear wheel axle. The geometric concept can be summarised by the following points:
- a flat steering angle reduces the risk of roll-over, improves front wheel grip and smooth handling in high-speed sections
- a large reach and long tail centre the rider on the bike and provide a safe riding experience both uphill and downhill
- a large reach in combination with a short stem and wide handlebars also ensures direct and stable steering
- a steeper seat angle improves climbing characteristics
These advantages are clearly noticeable on both professionals as well as beginners. The GEOLUTION concept adapts to an application depending on its requirements. The GEOLUTION Trail concept is a little more moderate and not as extreme as the Enduro concept. It is intended for riders looking for an agile, quiet and climbing-capable bike.

Pressure strut mutator
Using mutators and headsets with different installation heights, the frame can be assembled with 29" and 27.5" wheels. For a frame construction with 27.5" wheels, the frame can be built with either a 210 x 55 mm or a 210 x 50 mm shock. The resulting rear wheel travel is 138 mm and respectively 130 mm. The 29" frame version should only be ridden with a 210 x 50 mm shock and 130 mm travel. Although a 210 x 55 mm rear shock on this frame would also provide 138 mm of travel, the increased travel reduces the tyre clearance, so this configuration is not recommended.
Both the steering and seat angle can be adjusted in 0.3° steps by changing the mutators. This technology is already used in some Nicolai models and enables the manufacturer to produce different strut lengths. The standard mutation is installed ex works, and can then be adapted to the customer's requirements.

Tension Bar
A component on the Saturn frame series which often prompts questions. What is the function of the black component screwed on between the bellcrank bracket and the shock absorber bracket? Since 2004, every iteration of Saturn has had a so-called pull bar or tension bar. If the shock fails in the frame at full compression, large forces act on the front frame triangle. The resulting load during rear shock deflection is a tensile force between the bellcrank bracket and the shock absorber bracket. The tension bar absorbs this load and reduces the forces on the other components. This makes it possible to use lighter tubes in this area and to reduce the overall weight.

7020-T6 aluminium
Not all aluminium is the same! Nicolai only uses a 7020-T6 (AlZn4.5Mg1) alloy for frames. Compared to 6061-T6 aluminium, this grade offers much better strength. The tensile strength of 7020 compared to 6061 aluminium is about one-third higher. The elastic limit is about one-fifth higher. These characteristics, combined with high-quality welding, result in a bicycle frame that is far superior in terms of durability. Compared to carbon, aluminium is much tougher, so that hitting, falling or stone chipping does not damage the structure.

To make sure you hit every lane on the trail, Nicolai mounts a form-fitting, exchangeable drop-out on all frames for adjusting the toe and camber. Due to the distinctly milled right dropouts for adjusting the camber, the rear only needs to be slightly readjusted after installation. This eases the strain on the material. The respective camber height is milled into the RADO with numbers 0, 1, 2 or -1 and -2. After the toe and camber have been adjusted, the RADO is fixed with a pin at the factory. This means that the original setting can be easily reproduced when replacing it. This is the only way the manufacturer can guarantee that Nicolai products operate precisely on tracks.


(based on a fork axle to crown length of 537 mm)
Recommended Height: 164 - 172 cm
Stack: 570 mm
Reach: 450 mm
Seat Tube Length: 405 mm
Top Tube Length: 595 mm
Head Tube Length: 110 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1206 mm
BB Drop: 27 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 74.9° (real), 76.2° (effective)
Head Tube Angle: 65.2°
Standover Height: 726 mm

Recommended Height: 170 - 180 cm
Stack: 610 mm
Reach: 480 mm
Seat Tube Length: 440 mm
Top Tube Length: 626 mm
Head Tube Length: 120 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1341 mm
BB Drop: 30 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 75.2° (real), 76.5° (effective)
Head Tube Angle: 65.5°
Standover Height: 726 mm

Recommended Height: 178 - 190 cm
Stack: 618 mm
Reach: 500 mm
Seat Tube Length: 455 mm
Top Tube Length: 648 mm
Head Tube Length: 130 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1264 mm
BB Drop: 30 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 75.2° (real), 76.5° (effective)
Head Tube Angle: 65.5°
Standover Height: 740 mm

Recommended Height: 188 - 200 cm
Stack: 627 mm
Reach: 520 mm
Seat Tube Length: 475 mm
Top Tube Length: 668 mm
Head Tube Length: 140 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1291 mm
BB Drop: 30 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 75.2° (real), 76.5° (effective)
Head Tube Angle: 65.5°
Standover Height: 759 mm

Recommended Height: 198 - 205 cm
Stack: 637 mm
Reach: 540 mm
Seat Tube Length: 520 mm
Top Tube Length: 693 mm
Head Tube Length: 150 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1313 mm
BB Drop: 30 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 75.2° (real), 76.5° (effective)
Head Tube Angle: 65.5°
Standover Height: 782 mm


This product is a custom frame kit, the sales prices are base prices. For individual advice on the selection options of colour, frame size and details, tailor made variants as well as further questions about Nicolai please contact our service department.
Since every Nicolai frame is made to your specifications, it is included in the Nicolai production plan. Depending on colour, special customisations and model, production time can range anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks. You will receive more detailed information about your desired model on customisation request from our customer service team.

Manufacturer's Guarantee:

Nicolai offers a 5 year warranty on your frame from the date of purchase. You can find out more about warranty conditions here.


- 1 x Nicolai Saturn 14 frame
- not incl. rear shock
- incl. additional derailleur hanger


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