ORTLIEB E-Trunk Pannier Rack Bag - black/10 litres

ORTLIEB E-Trunk Pannier Rack Bag

Item number: 80659

The E-Trunk Pannier Rack Bag by ORTLIEB - Lots of storage space on your e-bike

Thanks to the Top-Lock adapter system, you can easily attach the waterproof E-Trunk by ORTLIEB to your rack. With 10 litres of volume, it creates storage space for extensive tours on your e-bike. In their inner pockets you can store your e-bike display and valuables separately. Its magnetic lid closure allows you to open and close it quickly, while an elastic cord on the top lets you attach your gear. It has a rear light mount and also a mount on the back to attach a bottle cage. If your bike has to stand still, you can also turn it into a shoulder bag at any time thanks to the shoulder strap.

Guidelines for Replacing E-bike Components:

Before you replace components on your e-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked e-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


City & Touring
pannier rack
Pannier racks with a width of 80 to 160 mm and a tube diameter of 8 to 16 mm
Protection Rating:
dust protected, water spray protected (IP53)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
20 cm x 32 cm x 18 cm
10 litres

Approved For:

Load Capacity (max.):
10 kg

Note from the Manufacturer:

To achieve protection class IP53 (dust-protected and protected against water spray from an angle of up to 60° vertically), the closure must be fully closed.
The Top-Lock adapter system may only be mounted on pannier racks with rails running parallel to each other.


  • Top-Lock adapter ensures quick attachment and detachment from the pannier rack
  • Top-Lock adapter adjustable to pannier rack width
  • waterproof
  • inner pocket for e-bike display
  • magnetic lid closure for quick opening and closing
  • elastic cord on the top for attaching equipment
  • release handles on both sides
  • converts to a shoulder bag with strap
  • two inside pockets for valuables
  • flexible mesh outer pocket
  • mount for a rear light
  • mount for a bottle cage
  • hooks function as parking feet
  • reflector on the back
  • reflective details on both sides
  • PU-coated nylon fabric
  • made in Germany
  • PVC-free


Top-Lock Adapter System
With the Top-Lock adapter system by ORTLIEB, you can easily fix bags and bike baskets on the loading area of your rack. The fastening system is completely integrated in the bag or basket and is equipped with anti-slip nubs. You can quickly release your luggage from the loading area using the side-mounted release handles. The adapter clamps are adjustable and easily adapt to different pannier rack models - even those with spring flaps.

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  • 1 x ORTLIEB E-Trunk Pannier Rack Bag
  • 1 x ORTLIEB shoulder strap


  • petrol/10 litres: 980 g
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.86 / 5.00


  • black/10 litres, in stock
  • petrol/10 litres, in stock

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Erik P. on 25.07.2022
verified purchase
item: petrol/10 litres
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Absolut geniale Tasche. Ich finds mega hinten auf dem Fahrrad eine sehr fest sitzende Wasserfeste Tasche/Koffer zu haben wo man schnell sachen rein und raus nehmen kann. Mit dem Gurt kann sie gut tragen und das man sich einen Flaschenhalter dran machen kann ist auch super. So kann ich 3 Flaschen am Fahrrad haben.

Wer zusätzlich zu der Tasche noch voll gepackte Satteltaschen an den unteren Streben der Gepäckträgers befestigen möchte sollte darauf achten das die Streben mehr als 4 cm von der oberen entfernt ist. Mein Gepäckträger ist da leider etwas klein. Daher habe ich mir noch Abstandshalter von Bike-Jantos geholt um die Satteltaschen an der oberen Strebe etwas nach außen zu holen. Ist ein kleiner custom Bike shop.

Alles in allem kann ich die Tasche nur empfehlen. Bei Tagestouren besser als ein Rucksack.

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