ORTLIEB Handlebar-Pack QR Handlebar Bag - black matte/11 litres

ORTLIEB Handlebar-Pack QR Handlebar Bag

Item number: 82647

The Handlebar-Pack QR Handlebar Bag by ORTLIEB - Bikepacking bag with quick-release function

The ORTLIEB Handlebar-Pack QR is a handlebar bag for bikepacking that you can attach to your bike in no time using the Bar Lock system. As it is only 32 cm wide, it fits easily on gravel and road bike handlebars. Whether you're riding across a slippery road or a bumpy surface, the Bar-Lock system ensures a firm fit on the handlebars. The roll closure protects the interior from moisture while providing quick access to the bag's contents. It also allows the bag to be compressed using metal hooks and CamLock fasteners on the front. With a capacity of 11 litres, it offers ample storage space for bike trips. If you get a craving during your ride, you can keep snacks (along with other small items) stowed within easy reach in the outer side pockets. A reflector at the front also ensures good visibility in road traffic.


Gravel, City & Touring, Road
handlebar bag
Rope attachment
PS21R, PS33
Protection Rating:
dust-tight, splash-proof (IP64)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
22 cm x 26/32 cm x 18 cm
11 litres

Approved For:

Load Capacity (max.):
5 kg

Note from the Manufacturer:

Not suitable for carbon handlebars!
To achieve protection class IP 64 (splash-proof from all directions), the closure must be rolled 3-4 times.
If the bag is completely submerged, water can penetrate through the closure.


  • Bar-Lock rope attachment with Quick-Release enables fast, tool-free attachment and removal
  • fits gravel and road bike handlebars as it is only 32 cm wide
  • high fit on the handlebars, ensuring sufficient space between the bottom of the bag and the tyre
  • for handlebars with a diameter of 25.4 mm - 35 mm
  • waterproof thanks to roll closure
  • can be compressed by roll closure and metal hook on the front side
  • metal hook fitted with CamLock fastener
  • made of PU-coated nylon fabric
  • abrasion-resistant
  • large opening
  • external mesh side pockets
  • reflector in diamond shape and reflective ORTLIEB logo at the front
  • PVC-free
  • made in Germany


Bar-Lock System
The ORTLIEB Bar-Lock system is located directly on the rear wall of the bag and is mounted on the handlebars via cord attachment. It is attached to the handlebars in such a way that it is positioned away from the head tube and thus offers enough space on the handlebars itself. Thanks to the firm fit of the cords, the system always remains stable on the handlebars without slipping. The system's mounts are crescent-shaped and fit perfectly on the handlebars. First, release the side levers and adjust the two cords to their longest length. To avoid damaging the paintwork on your handlebars and stem, clean them beforehand. It is also important to ensure that no brake cables are pinched during setup. The grey cord is now passed under the stem and hooked into the loop at the top. Then you have to pull firmly on the other side of the cord until the bag is about 30 degrees higher than in the final position you want to end up with. Now the back of the bag must be pushed down to the desired end position. The black cord is now fed from below over the stem back to the adapter and hooked in. Pull the loop of the black cord, making sure that the lever is at about a 90 degree angle. After that, the bag must be pressed down and the lever closed. To release the bag from the handlebars, the lever must be pressed down with the thumb and pushed forward horizontally from the hook. The grey cord is unlocked as soon as you lift the roll closure.

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  • 1 x ORTLIEB Handlebar-Pack bag

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  • black matte/11 litres: 530 g
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  • black matte/11 litres, in stock
  • dark sand/11 litres, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Sebastian k. on 06.09.2021

Habe die Tasche noch nicht lange, bin aber bisher absolut begeistert. Hat sich auf 250km in 2 Tagen gut bewährt, absolut sichere und feste Anbringung möglich. Auch auf Wald- und Schotterwegen sicherer Halt. An- und Abnehmen dauert ein kleines bisschen länger als beim "klassischen" Klick-Systemen, aber nach ein paar Mal hat man den Dreh raus und geht schnell von der Hand. Dafür bleibt keine Halterung am Lenker.
Mangels Gurt und dem festen Lenkerverbinder ist die Tasche aber eher nicht geeignet für Ausflüge, wo man sich mal schnell die Lenkertasche umhängen möchte, wenn man das Rad irgendwo parkt.
Wenn man also weiß wofür, ist es eine klasse Tasche, die auch super zwischen den Rennlenker passt.

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by Nico L. on 10.08.2021

ich habe die Tasche jetzt seit 4 Wochen und find sie super. Bis jetzt kann ich nichts schlechtes über die Tasche sagen. in 2 Wochen werde ich sie beim AlpenX testen

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