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The Spanish brand was founded by the three brothers Casimiro, Juan Manuel, and Mateo Orbea, and has been making bikes since 1920. Starting with classic two-wheelers, it was the desire to stand out from the crowd that has gotten the brand to where it is today: at the technological forefront of bike development. Nowadays, up to 250,000 bikes of this top Spanish manufacturer roll off the assembly line annually in Mallabia, Basque Country. The slogan "We, not me" is at the forefront of the company, which is now run as a cooperative. Whether aluminum or carbon: Orbea has the right bike for your needs. Whether a mountain bike or road bike: the right machine is ready for your individual adventure. When advanced technology, attention to detail, and design language come together, the Orbea brand has its hand in it.

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Attitude Adjust

With the Attitude Adjust system, you can quickly tweak your Occam LT for your next adventure in no time. The Quick-Flip system mainly alters the steering angle and bottom bracket height, making the bike suitable for either moderate or steep trails. It takes just a few seconds for the switch - you don't even need to remove the shock bolt.


Whether aluminium or carbon: With the Occam, you have a "trunk" on board. Whether it's tools, snacks, or a light jacket: everything fits under your water bottle in the frame. Finally, you can say goodbye to looking like a moving toolbox!


A continuous seat tube allows for long seat posts with a lot of travel. This means most riders can easily achieve up to 230mm of travel. Perfect for long legs: the steep seat tube. This prevents the saddle from moving too far back when the post needs to be extended.



Forgot your multitool again? Hidden in the pivot point of the Occam frame is a magnet-secured tool. It has everything you need for quick adjustments and repairs.

Squidlock - Lock On The Go

With the Occam SL, Orbea introduces remote lockout to trail bikes. You've never locked out your suspension for the uphill or unlocked it for the downhill this quickly and easily. The damper's Inside Line control through the top tube ensures smooth and reliable operation. Absolute efficiency - without a second thought. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back.


Thanks to completely sealed cables running inside the frame, the Occam is even quieter and more robust. Water and dirt intrusion is no longer an issue, and the clever design makes swapping spacers and cables much easier than before.