Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack

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Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-red/35 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-red/35 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-red/35 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-red/35 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-red/13 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-grey/22 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-red/59 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-grey/79 litres
Dry-Bag PS490 Stuff Sack - black-grey/109 litres
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The Dry-Bag PS490 Packsack by Ortlieb can take a lot and protects the contents

The Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS490 is extremely robust, stable, tear-resistant and waterproof, even if you drag it over the ground. Tightly closed with the proven roll closure, rain and sand don't stand a chance. Thanks to the reinforced base, it always remains stable and can be attached to the base loop if required. The 59 litre version also comes with a practical carrying handle on the side. A tireless companion who will not let you down.

To achieve protection class IP 64 (splash-proof from all directions), the closure must be rolled 3-4 times.


Protection Rating: IP 64
Volume: 13 litres / 22 litres / 35 litres / 59 litres

Technical Information:

Material: polyester fabric, PVC coated (PS490 and PD620)


- 59 litres with side carrying handle
- buckles with D-rings for locking and lashing
- proven roll closure with stiffening strip
- printed volume indication
- bottom loop for connecting or holding
- reinforced base made of PD620
- easy to clean
- made in Germany
- IP 64 = dust-proof, no ingress of dust, protected from water splashing from any direction


* Height when closed (rolled 3-4 times). Add approx. 20 cm for the full height.

13 litre:
Height*: 42 cm
Circumference: 60 cm
Diameter: 19 cm
Manufacturer Number: K5351 (black-grey), K5352 (black-red)

22 litre:
Height*: 52 cm
Circumference: 70 cm
Diameter: 22 cm
Manufacturer Number: K5451 (black-grey), K5452 (black-red)

35 litre:
Height*: 60 cm
Circumference: 83 cm
Diameter: 27.5 cm
Manufacturer Number: K5551 (black-grey), K5552 (black-red)

59 litre:
Height*: 70 cm
Circumference: 96 cm
Diameter: 31 cm
Manufacturer Number: K5651 (black-grey), K5652 (black-red)

79 litre:
Height*: 75 cm
Circumference: 107 cm
Diameter: 34 cm
Manufacturer Number: K5751 (black-grey), K5752 (black-red)

109 litre:
Height*: 80 cm
Circumference: 122 cm
Diameter: 39 cm
Manufacturer Number: K5851 (black-grey), K5852 (black-red)


- 1 x Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS490 Packsack


  • black-grey/13 litres: 290 g
  • black-grey/22 litres: 370 g
  • black-grey/35 litres: 450 g
  • black-grey/59 litres: 640 g
  • black-grey/109 litres: 900 g


  • black-grey/13 litres, in stock
  • black-grey/22 litres, in stock
  • black-grey/35 litres, in stock
  • black-grey/59 litres, in stock
  • black-grey/109 litres, out of stock

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