Rohloff Speedbone Support Adapter

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Reliably absorbing torque: the Speedbone Support Adapter by Rohloff

With all gear hubs, the axle tries to rotate while riding. When riding in a reduced gear (1-10), the axle wants to turn backwards. When driving with a gear ratio (12-14), the axle wants to turn forward. The torque with which the axle tries to turn is called the support torque. The size of the supporting moment depends on the load and the gear engaged, and must be absorbed by an appropriate anti-rotation device on the frame. With the simple three-speed hub, a flat-milled axle in the dropouts is sufficient. With a high-performance gear hub such as the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14, the support must be much more stable because of the large gear ratio range.

To transfer the torque of the Speedhub to the frame, support adapters and a matching axle plate are required. For frames with disc brake mount according to IS 2000 standard, the torque can be supported with the CC OEM2 axle plate or TS OEM2 axle plate instead of the long torque arm. If used with a disc brake at the same time, the Rohloff Speedbone must be fitted.

For safe OEM2 assembly with Rohloff Speedbone, the fastening eyelets of the brake cylinder mount must be made in one piece with the dropout, comply with the international standard and the material thickness of the dropouts and fastening eyelets must not be less than 6 mm.

OEM2 mounting is only permitted on bicycle frames that have been approved for this by the frame manufacturer. Without the approval of the frame manufacturer, the use of this mount is done at the user's own risk.

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