Rohloff Speedhub Flange Support Rings - black/small/small

Rohloff Speedhub Flange Support Rings

Item number: 53548

Make the flange even more stable: Flange Support Rings by Rohloff

Since October 2017, anodised aluminium flange rings have been part of every new Speedhub. For long-lasting enjoyment with the Rohloff gear hub, Rohloff always recommends using the flange rings with the matching butted Speedhub spokes (2.9 mm arc length).
The use of flange rings can ensure that the Speedhub does not cause any problems on the flange. The rings prevent the spoke from tearing out in the event of a flange break. This is especially useful for extreme use on tandems, touring bikes, e-bikes, cargo and for riders over 100 kg.
On hubs with older serial numbers, both spoke flanges of the Speedhub are the same, so two identical flange rings must be used on the right and left (small/small). Hubs with a higher serial number have a raised flange only on the cover side (left), so these hubs need two different flange rings (small/large).
The " Made in Germany" lettering on the housing of the Speedhub serves to distinguish which flange rings must be used.


  • Distinguishing Hub Feature: " Made in Germany" lettering not underlined
  • Compatible Serial Numbers: <196922 (silver 32 hole), <198454 (silver 36 hole), <196713 (black 32 hole), <196521 (black 36 hole), <197520 (red 32 hole)*, <197980 (red 36 hole)*
  • Contents: 2 x small flange support rings
  • Manufacturer Number: 8523

  • Distinguishing Hub Feature: " Made in Germany" lettering underlined
  • Compatible Serial Numbers: as of 196922 (silver 32 hole), as of 198454 (silver 36 hole), as of 196713 (black 32 hole), as of 196521 (black 36 hole), as of 197520 (red 32 hole)*, as of 197980 (red 36 hole)*
  • Contents: 1 x Rohloff small flange support ring, 1 x Rohloff large flange support ring (w/ nut for the cover side)
  • Manufacturer Number: 8524

* red powder coated hub bodies are only compatible with flange support rings after an inspection.

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  • black/small/small, in stock
  • black/small/large, in stock

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