Rohloff External Gear Mech

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External Gear Mech - universal/universal
External Gear Mech - universal/universal
External Gear Mech - universal/universal
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Particularly robust: the External Gear Mech by Rohloff

With the external gear mech, the shift cables run directly to the cable box, which is located on the shift housing of the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14. The tension adjusters are located on the cable box; a separate cable guide is not required. Therefore, the external gear mech is particularly suitable for frames with short (e.g. 20" ) or unusual rear frames.
The external gear mech is approx. 100 g heavier than the internal gear mech. However, it is more robust because it does not have a separate gear mech. In the event of a broken shift cable, any desired gear can be engaged from the outside. This makes the external gear mech particularly attractive for travelling and everyday use.

All disc brake versions of the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 are equipped with the external gear mech. The reason for this is the routing of the shift cables, which find sufficient space here in all mounting positions to the brake rotor.

The external gear mech and the internal gear mech are available separately. This makes it easy to convert to the other gear mech in each case.

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The Rohloff External Gear Mech includes:
- 1 x Rohloff EX transfer box
- 1 x Rohloff EX cable box
- 1 x Rohloff cog
- 8 x Rohloff cable ferrules
- 5 x Rohloff axle plate screws
- not incl. shifter cables


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