Rohloff Speedhub Twist Shifter

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Speedhub Twist Shifter - black/14-speed
Speedhub Twist Shifter - black/14-speed
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Turning, shifting, riding: the Speedhub Twist Shifter by Rohloff

Extremely fast and precise shifting - the Rohloff twist shifter is your interface to the Speedhub 500/14. What makes shifting so special: shifting takes place exclusively in the Speedhub. This has enormous advantages, as the shift point does not have to be set on the shift lever and does not adjust.

Note: This shift knob may also be used for mounting on carbon handlebars. However, Rohloff AG accepts no liability for damage resulting from the installation of a Rohloff twist shifter in conjunction with carbon handlebars.


Series: Speedhub 500/14
Application: City & Touring, Cross Country, Downhill
Gearing: 14-speed
Mount: clamp (open)

Technical Information:

Type: complete twist shifter, " light"
Body Material: synthetic
Handle Material: rubber
Gear Indicator: yes


- shift lever rotation angle per gear change/total: 21°/273°
- gear mech control via two Bowden cables (pull-pull system)
- shift cable retraction per gear change/total: 7.4 mm/96.2 mm


All 14 gears of the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 can be shifted up and down individually one after the other or by jumping several gears. The shift lever works with two shift cables. If the shifter is turned in the direction of gear 14, shift cable 14 is pulled. If the shifter is turned in the direction of gear 1, shift cable 1 is pulled.
The number opposite the marking on the shift lever housing indicates the engaged gear. In the case of normal installation, the shifting handle is located on the right-hand side of the handlebar (for special applications, installation on the left-hand side of the handlebar is also possible).
In contrast to other shifting systems, with the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 the gear change is not delayed to the actuation of the shift lever, but occurs simultaneously. The gear change is always completed when the gearbox engages in the selected position, which can be felt in the gearshift handle. This enables fast and error-free shifting both when stationary and in all driving situations.
As the pedal load increases, the hand force required to turn the gearshift handle increases. For quick gear changes in any crank position, it is important to note that the pedal must be relieved at the exact moment of the shift lever rotation without interrupting the pedalling motion.

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- 1 x Rohloff " light" twist shifter
- not incl. shifter cables


  • black/14-speed, out of stock

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Stefan W.  on 29.09.2017
verified purchase

Erheblich griffiger und besser als der "alte" Drehgriff. Beim alten Modell kann es Probleme beim Schalten mit feuchten schwitzigen Händen kommen. Das gehört mit diesem Modell der Vergangenheit an.

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