SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth F+R Disc Brake Set - clear anodized/set (front+rear)

SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth F+R Disc Brake Set

Item number: 93055

The SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth disc brake with enormous braking power and high-quality Ultimate Stealth design

Thanks to its four pistons, the SRAM Maven disc brake in the set offers maximum braking power for enduro and downhill MTBs, up to 50% more than the Code series. In the Ultimate Stealth version, the brake callipers with milled edges and titanium bolts together with high-gloss polished lever housings ensure an elegant and modern look to match your AXS cockpit. The reach and bite point can be individually adjusted to your needs. SwingLink technology gives you a particularly smooth and controlled braking feel.


Downhill, Enduro, All Mountain
hydraulic, 4 pistons
mineral oil
Hose Length (Front/Rear):
950 mm / 2000 mm

Technical Information - Caliper:

Caliper Mount:
post mount
Calliper Material:
Piston Material:

Technical Information - Lever:

Adjustment Options:
reach adjustment (without tools), bite point
Matchmaker X
Flip-Flop (without specific side)
Brake Lever Material:
Brake Lever Housing Material:


  • powerful four-piston brake for Enduro and Gravity mountain bikes
  • 18 and 19.5 mm long pistons for up to 50% better braking performance than SRAM Code
  • Ultimate equipment: polished lever housing and titanium bolts on the brake caliper
  • Stealth design to match AXS components
  • optimised lever design
  • tool-free reach adjustment
  • Contact Point Adjustment
  • easy bleeding thanks to Bleeding Edge
  • perfect modulation with SwingLink technology
  • forged aluminium caliper and brake lever housing
  • easy maintenance thanks to the use of Maxima mineral oil
  • recommended brake rotor: 1-piece HS2


If you pull the SRAM brake lever, you will notice the difference immediately. A shorter idle travel and optimized brake pad actuation. Due to the cam design, a shorter lever travel is necessary to push the brake pads towards the brake rotor. It's nice, but for perfect braking performance, it takes more than just power. Because you need control. Many braking systems offer a shorter stroke - but at the expense of modulation. SwingLink solves this problem with its special cam shape. When the brake pads touch the brake rotor, the force is modulated, thus avoiding the " on-off" brake feeling. This creates the perfect balance between power and precision.

Contact Point Adjustment
Some people like the immediate power transmission of a short lever travel. Others, however, prefer the feeling of a longer lever travel. With the contact point adjustment you can determine the position where your fingers should be when the brakes are actuated. This way, you can quickly and easily adjust the feel of your brakes without having to move the pads. In addition, both brake levers can be adjusted so that they feel exactly the same.

Reach Adjust
The fit and ergonomics of the brake lever is a very personal matter. Riders have individual position preferences as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. With the reach adjustment, the lever can be easily adjusted - for maximum control with just one finger.

Bleeding Edge™
Bleeding Edge technology allows for quick and easy brake bleeding. Thanks to the special fluid channel and a specially designed bleed opening, the fluid can be pumped more easily through the brake caliper. A special adapter can be fitted to the bleed port and seals the system to prevent air ingress and fluid loss.

Manufacturer Number:

00.5018.237.001 (front) + 00.5018.237.002 (rear)


  • 2 x SRAM Maven Ultimate disc brake (front and rear wheel)
  • 2 x SRAM brake lever
  • 2 x SRAM Matchmaker X clamps
  • 2 x SRAM brake hose, 950 mm (front) and 2000 mm (rear)
  • 2 x pairs SRAM organic brake pads
  • 2 x SRAM pad spacers
  • 1 x SRAM disc brake adapter
  • 2 x SRAM bleed block

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.86 / 5.00


  • clear anodized/set (front+rear), in stock – delivery time 10 workdays

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