Santa Cruz is the cult brand that hails from the California city that bears its name, and has been building bikes for demanding mountain bikers since 1994. This US manufacturer did not only focus on hardtail bikes from the very beginning, but also launched the Tazmon, a sophisticated full-suspension bike, on the market in the mid-90s. This is because Santa Cruz wanted to produce extremely advanced as well as technically pioneering frames right from the start. Their experience and technical advancements are reflected in the bikes they create. You can easily tell how serious Santa Cruz is about their quality standards by the fact that they offer a lifetime guarantee on frames, bearings and carbon handlebars. With a Santa Cruz frame or SC Reserve wheels, you can always count on a worry-free riding experience. 

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Santa Cruz Guarantee

Is there something wrong with your Santa Cruz bike? Get in touch with us. We will do everything we can to get you back on your bike as soon as possible.

Lifetime Warranty on Frames
Santa Cruz Bicycles promises to repair or replace a frame that it determines to be defective. The lifetime guarantee only applies to the original owner of the frame. Frames purchased before 1 May 2015 are covered by the 5-year warranty that existed until that date. Custom-made products are not covered by the lifetime warranty.

Lifetime Warranty on Bearings
Santa Cruz Bicycles provides a lifetime warranty on upper and lower link bearings. The lifetime guarantee only applies to the original owner of the frame.

Santa Cruz carbon handlebars have a lifetime guarantee from the original date of purchase.

No-Fault Replacement
Santa Cruz Bicycles offers lifetime replacements at reduced prices for defects or damage to the frame not covered by warranty. This offer is only valid for the original owner of the frame.