Schwalbe Tube 14 Extralight 26"

Item number: 1386
Tube 14 Extralight 26" - universal/26x1.5-2.35 Presta 40 mm
Tube 14 Extralight 26" - universal/26x1.5-2.35 Presta 60 mm
Tube 14 Extralight 26" - universal/26x1.5-2.35 Schrader
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Extra light tube for 26" tyres. Same reliability, reduced weight. Tried and tested over many years.


Application: All Mountain, Trial
ETRTO: 40-559 to 60-559
Tyre Dimensions: 26 x 1.50 to 26 x 2.35
Tube Material: butyl
Valve Type: AV / Schrader 40 mm, SV / Presta 40 mm, SV / Presta 60 mm

Dimensions (ETRTO):

- 26 x 1.50 (40-559)
- 26 x 1.75 (47-559)
- 26 x 2.00 (50-559)
- 26 x 2.10 (54-559)
- 26 x 2.25 (57-559)
- 26 x 2.35 (60-559)


26x1.5-2.35 AV
Valve Type: AV (Auto / Schrader valve)
Valve Length: 40 mm
Manufacturer Number: 10424340

26x1,5-2,35 SV 40 mm
Valve Type: SV (Sclaverand/Presta)
Valve Length: 40 mm
Manufacturer Number: 10424343

26x1,5-2,35 SV 60 mm
Valve Type: SV (Sclaverand/Presta)
Valve Length: 60 mm
Manufacturer Number: 10424363

Valve Information

Tubes are available with various valve types.
Choosing a valve is dependent on application and the rim's valve hole diameter.

AV / Schrader Valve:
- Synonyms: Auto Valve (AV), Schrader Valve
- Outer Diameter: 8.5 mm

SV / Presta Valve:
- Synonyms: Sclaverand Valve (SV), French Valve, Presta Valve
- Outer Diameter: 6.5 mm
- Other: All Schwalbe tubes with a SV valve can be unscrewed (To lengthen the valve, add anti-flat agents, etc.).


Inflation Pressure Stability
A Schwalbe inner tube maintains the air much longer. The quality of the inner tube is already determined by its raw materials, through the ingredients and the purity of the rubber compound. During vulcanisation, each Schwalbe tube is placed in a mould and is then inflated. This is the only way to ensure a uniform wall thickness and excellent air retention.

Rigorous monitoring that ensures the best operational reliability: each tube is inflated in the fabric and stored under pressure for 24 hours to check the air retention ability.

Tube Groups System
Due to its high elasticity and quality, a single tube covers a large number of tyre sizes. For example, tube no. 17 works just as well for 28 mm wide tyres as for 47 mm wide tyres. Only an extremely high-quality and reliable inner tube can meet this requirement.


- 1 x Schwalbe 14 Extralight tube


  • universal/26x1.5-2.35 Schrader: 130 g


  • universal/26x1.5-2.35 Presta 40 mm, in stock
  • universal/26x1.5-2.35 Schrader, in stock
  • universal/26x1.5-2.35 Presta 60 mm, out of stock

Customer Reviews (32)


Customer Reviews (32)


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by Andrey S.  on 17.07.2020
verified purchase

Идеальные камеры. Я катал на ещё более лёгких Schwalbe, которые весят 90 грамм, задняя жила неделю, протиралась у ниппеля. Эти же живут уже года 3-4, ни единого разрыва, кроме тех случаев, когда недотягивал бани-хоп и ловил змеиный укус.

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by Branko D.  on 11.05.2018
verified purchase

Light and good. Doesn't puncture more often than standard, pretty light too.

Is this review helpful?
by Aleksey K.  on 03.05.2017 (modified on 17.06.2021)
verified purchase

После того, как велосипед простоял зиму без эксплуатации, по обеим камерам пошли змеиные укусы (мелкие трещины). В итоге пришлось выкинут и поставить 13. С ними таких проблем никогда не было.

Is this review helpful?
by Igor R.  on 01.03.2016
verified purchase

do the job well

Is this review helpful?
by ROBERTO C.  on 12.10.2015
verified purchase

Not much to say; I'm running tubeless but when the sealant can't cork a hole, this tube is the way to go. Fits my jersey back pockets and it's light. I had to use it a couple of times in the last two years and it's still going strong.

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