Shimano OT-RS900 Shifter Cable Housing - 1 Pack

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The shifter cable housing OT-RS900 by Shimano - for current 11-speed Road rear derailleurs

The Shimano OT-RS900 shifter cable housing is required for Dura Ace RD-R9100, Ultegra RD-R8000, 105 RD-R7000 and other current 11-speed Road and Gravel rear derailleurs. The reason for this is the smaller radius, which results when the cable is routed from the frame to the rear derailleur and cannot be produced with the rigid standard cable housing OT-SP41. The OT-RS900 cable housing is 240 mm long and has a diameter of 4 mm.


Application: Road
Diameter: 4 mm
Length: 240 mm
Recommended Cable Diameter: 1.2 mm

Technical Information:

Liner: polyethylene


- RD-R9100
- RD-R8000
- RD-R7000
- RD-RX810
- RD-RX812
- RD-RX400


- pre-lubricated with special silicone grease to ensure smooth shifting


Modern Shimano 11-speed Road rear derailleurs, such as Dura Ace RD-R9100, Ultegra RD-R8000 and 105 RD-R7000, must be mounted on the bicycle with the special OT-RS900 cable housing. The radius of the curved cable that is routed from the frame to the rear derailleur is smaller here compared to the radii produced by other rear derailleurs. The frequently used OT-SP41 cable housing is too stiff for such a small radius, causing technical problems in the tension adjustment screw and hindering quick installation and removal of the rear wheel.
By using the OT-RS900 such problems can be prevented, because the OT-RS900 has a lower stiffness. The OT-RS900 should only be used on the rear derailleur side and not on the shift/brake lever side.
Note from the manufacturer: The length of the OT-RS900 should be adjusted according to the bicycle frame size. This is necessary for optimal performance. The OT-RS900 should be cut from the correct side when adjusting the length. One of the two ends is flame treated. This flame treated end is inserted into the adjustment screw of the front / rear derailleur and should therefore remain there.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

black: Y-0BM98011
white: Y-0BM98021
hi-tech grey: Y-0BM98041
red: Y-0BM98031


- 1 x Shimano OT-RS900 shifter cable housing
- 1 x end caps, sealed, for rear derailleur
- 1 x Shimano long pointed end caps


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