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SH-RC902 Road Shoes by Shimano - Top fit and efficiency

The S-Phyre SH-RC902 by Shimano, called RC9 for short, are high-performance shoes for competition-oriented road cyclists that feature two high-precision-adjustable BOA® Li2 screw fasteners and an excellent fit. Its upper construction not only optimally embraces the foot, but has also been equipped with function-specific zones to optimally balance flexibility and strength. In the forefoot, a Powerzone guide is used for improved support; in the rear, a special heel cap provides anti-twist protection during sprints. The ultra-stiff carbon midsoles and outsoles stand for highly efficient power transmission, while the optimised Shimano Dynalast last technology prevents premature fatigue.


Pedal System:
3-bolt (SPD-SL / Look)
Closure System:
twist closure
Sole Stiffness:
12 (on a scale of 1 to 12)

Cleat Adjustment:

To find the ergonomically correct position of your feet on the pedals, we recommend the Cleat Tool from Ergon, so that the longitudinal orientation, support width (Q-factor) and foot angle are optimally adjusted to you.


  • microfibre artificial leather: soft, lightweight yet stretch-resistant material
  • 360° wrap-around upper with excellent fit for all riders
  • heel cap with anti-twist protection for optimal foot positioning during strong acceleration and high pedalling frequencies
  • function-specific zones and scientifically-optimised upper materials for outstanding fit and pedalling performance
  • two flat BOA Li2 screw fasteners for fast and precise fine adjustment
  • integrated seamless midsole and upper construction for unparalleled fit, stability and lightness
  • adjustable Powerzone guide for reliable forefoot support
  • hollow outsole and midsole made of carbon fibre-composite material
  • wider cleat adjustment: wider cleat setting, expands plate mounting area
  • also available in a wide version
  • ideal in combination with PD-R9100 pedals


other (synthetic leather)
Lining & Cover Sole:
textile (mesh)
other (carbon)


360° Enclosed Shoe Upper
The upper completely encloses the rider's foot up to the outsole and makes it fit like a second skin. This provides comfort, outstanding stability, weight savings and increased performance.

Function-Specific Zones
Microfibre synthetic leather and mesh fabric are used on the upper, which overlap in a complex and precision-calculated manner. This not only further improves the fit and increases breathability, it also ensures that the shoe is firm and more flexible in the right places.

Anti-Twist Protection
A special heel cap reduces the forces that act during explosive acceleration and thus works against foot twisting. This improves performance in areas such as sprints or high-cadence riding.

Shimano Dynalast
Shimano's Dynalast technology is a shoe last design with less toe rise. It creates a smoother upward motion when pedalling, which is more energy efficient and therefore improves performance. Less power is lost and you tire less quickly.

Size Guide:

These Shimano shoes run smaller than one would expect from their size. It is best to order one size larger than usual.

Manufacturer Numbers:



  • 1 x pair Shimano RC9 Road Shoes (SH-RC902 S-Phyre)


  • blue/38, in stock
  • blue/40, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by mark R.  on 09.01.2022 (modified on 13.01.2022)

Fantastic shoe, just needs Lots of trial and error to dial in the fit Not as good as the previous model 901 IMO which i purchased here and tried this model out through Mantel. My 2nd phalange joint, 2 toe, rubs on the stiffer material, where a front Velcro strap would be but the shape now gives more support so your toes aren't flapping upwards. Not a problem i have with SIdi, Fizik or spezialized but a result of the flat Dynalast. An already snug fit in the mid sole width of 901 is now tighter, and the heel is super grippy but i think that would be a gewöhnheits thing. Mantel's guide is a good start for fitting size. they tend to give about 3or 4 mm extra as what you need so the shimano tend to be a a half size shorter than specialized, or FZIK so a 47 in spezialized would be 47.5 in S-Phyre. I take SIdi 48 (2010 model)and these S-phyres have more room in size 48 in toe box.i can fit a 47 in Specialized or R1 FIzik (JUST) Dynalast: Jeez are they flat!!! what that means however is a better peddling action getting over top dead center. however the bigtoe does tend to work more, and be prepared for a lot of trial and error with the Insole, which with the 2 height inserts are significantly better than FIZIK or Spezialized. I ended up adding a little to the toe are of the Insole to give a little bit more curve, punched holes for breathing, and fashioned a proper metatarsal button, and used specialized Vagus wedges ( Orange) to increase the supination. As I said they are the flattest but the power transer is really very good. be also prepared for calf pains ( went away) and hotspots till you get a decent button fitted. They are a bit 'Road Buzzy' but moving the cleats back and forth did help and sanding the Insole underneath my right Big toe (like with Solestar)reduced the Buzz a tad more that i was feeling there. Great shoe, but give time for dialing in, hense 4 stars . Hope that helps you in your decision making!

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by Lorenzo Antonio G.  on 21.05.2021

Muy buen trato y el envio muy rapido. Muy recomendables tanto las zapas como la tienda

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