Shimano Tiagra BR-4700 Rim Brake Set

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Tiagra BR-4700 Rim Brake Set - grey/set (front+rear)
Tiagra BR-4700 Rim Brake Set - grey/set (front+rear)
Tiagra BR-4700 Rim Brake Set - grey/set (front+rear)
Tiagra BR-4700 Rim Brake Set - grey/set (front+rear)
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Shimano Tiagra BR-4700 rim brake set - uniform all-round control

Shimano Tiagra BR-4700 is a rim brake set with dual pivot technology and Super SLR technology for strong all-round braking performance and optimum controllability. The brake has 51 mm long brake arms and allows tyres up to 28 mm wide. Type R50T5 brake pads (not cartridge) are supplied.


Series: Tiagra 4700
Application: Road, City
Type: dual pivot side-pull brakes
Attachment: brake bosses

Technical Information:

Material: Aluminium
Surface Finish: anodised
Pads: R50T5 (R50T4 optional)
Brake Arm Length: 51 mm
Actuation: brake cable

Approved For:

Tyre Size (max.): 28 mm (28c)
Rim Width (max.): 19-26 mm


Shift/Brake Lever: ST-R8150, ST-R8000, ST-R8050, ST-R8060, ST-6870, ST-6871, ST-6800, ST-6770, ST-6700, ST-R9250, ST-R9100, ST-R9150, ST-R9160, ST-9070, ST-9071, ST-9001, ST-9000, ST-5800, ST-R7000, ST-5700, ST-4700, ST-4600, ST-R3000, ST-3500, ST-R2000, ST-2400, ST-R460, ST-R353, ST-R350, ST-R240
Brake Lever: BL-TT79, BL-4700, BL-R3000, BL-R2000, BL-2400, BL-3500, BL-R780

Adjustment Options:

- brake shoe angle adjust


- dual pivot technology (Dual Pivot)
- uniform all-round control
- 30 % higher brake force modulation with linear brake actuation
- axial bearing at fulcrum reduces friction on brake body
- better performance on aluminium rims in wet conditions
- quick release


Super SLR
SLR stands for Shimano Linear Response. The new Super SLR technology is based on a smoother operation of the brake calliper, lever and cable and optimises brake response and controllability. SLR is the decisive factor that enables Shimano dual pivot brakes to brake more strongly than conventional side-pull brakes.

Manufacturer Number:

E-BR4700AF87X + E-BR4700AR87A


- 1 x pair Shimano Tiagra BR-4700 rim brakes (front & rear)
- 2 x 10.5 mm caliper bolt
- 1 x 12.5 mm caliper bolt (front only)
- 1 x 18 mm caliper bolt (front only)
- 1 x 27 mm caliper bolt (front only)
- 1 x 32 mm caliper bolt (front only)
- 1 x 27.5 mm pivot bolt (front only)
- 1 x 12.8 mm pivot bolt (front only)
- 2 pairs of R50T5 brake pads

Order Together:

Optional Accessories:
- R50T4 Brake Shoes


  • grey/set (front+rear), in stock

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