Stages Campagnolo Super Record Power L Power Meter Carbon Crankarm

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Stages Campagnolo Super Record Power L Power Meter Carbon Crankarm - carbon/172.5 mm
Stages Campagnolo Super Record Power L Power Meter Carbon Crankarm - carbon/172.5 mm
Stages Campagnolo Super Record Power L Power Meter Carbon Crankarm - carbon/172.5 mm
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Tour proven: the Power L Campagnolo Super Record power meter by Stages

The new single-sided Stages Power L meter is built on to a non-drive-side Campagnolo Super Record crank arm and is compatible with Campagnolo Super Record road drivetrains. It is founded on Stages Power technology, including Stages' defining Active Temperature Compensation feature in a package that offers the most technical cyclist the data they crave. When combined with the Stages Performance Ecosystem of Stages Link and Stages Dash, Stages Power L gives additional data that the most advanced cyclists need to bring out their best performance.
Stages Power has carried riders to Tour de France victories, plus many more world and national championships. If you believe racing provides the world's best product proving ground, then Stages Power is proven as the world's best power meter.

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Application: Road
Type: crankarm with power measurement (left)
Compatibility: 2-speed

Technical Information:

Crankarm Material: carbon
Crankarm Length: 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm
Q-Factor: 145.5 mm
Axle Diameter: 25 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket: Ultra Torque™ threaded bearing cups or Ultra Torque™ Pressfit bearing cups (not included)
Tolerance: +/-1.5 percent
Point of Measurement: crankarm
Power Source: coin cell CR2032
Battery Life: at least 200 hours
Data Collected: cadence (20-220 rpm), power (0-2500 w), torque
Waterproof: IPX7
Data Transfer: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth 4.0)


- single-sided power meter (sensor on the left crankarm)
- may be combined with Campagnolo Super Record road drive side crank arms
- low profile design, with robust door interface
- tool free battery replacement
- Active Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures consistent accuracy
- internal sensors measure cadence, omitting need for a magnet
- LED indicator for visual indication of battery levels and zero reset confirmation without connected app or headunit
- Updated accelerometer and addition of gyroscope for improved cadence resolution
- wireless firmware update capability via the Stages Power App
- NFC tap to pair for some phones and devices
- upgraded BLE and ANT+ radios offer a 6x improvement of data transmission strength
- added weight: 15 g


Stages Power Meter
With no moving parts, and everything protected by their high-strength ABS-PC housing, the Stages Power meter preserves the structural integrity of the crank-all while seamlessly adding the ability to measure your power.
Power is a measurement of the work you do on the bike, and the most accurate way to measure your effort. Unlike your heart rate, which can be widely affected by physiological influences, including: stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, temperature, time of day, dehydration and other factors, power shows exactly how much work you are doing and exactly what you are getting out of your training. Power is the perfect tool to understand how you are progressing and the best indicator of fitness gained and fatigue level. Simply put, if you want to know how you're doing, check your power.
Once cadence and torque are collected, they are multiplied together to determine the power of a single pedal stroke.

To measure torque, Stages' proprietary strain gages are laid precisely along the crankarm. These gages, which are the same tool used in aerospace, can detect the smallest flex in the stiffest crank. In this case, every pedal stroke causes a small amount of flex along the crank arm. This downward force happens in every rotation. This force, multiplied by 9.8m/s2 and the length of crankarm are used to determine the force applied to a pedal stroke, or torque.

Using an accelerometer (the same technology used to tell your smart phone how to orient its screen), the Stages meter measures cadence. The proprietary circuitry houses this cadence tool, allowing the meter to eliminate the antiquated need of magnets, external sensors, cables and zip ties to measure cadence. This modern technology also allows the meter to capture multiple positions per revolution, resulting in a faster response and better overall data.

Active Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Stages Power meters are equipped with ATC - [Active Temperature Compensation]. Different temperatures cause strain gages to expand and contract a specific amount. ATC allows the power meter to compensate for temperature changes that would otherwise affect the strain gages and their ability to accurately measure force. More importantly, Stages ATC auto-adjusts on the fly, without the need to stop pedaling.

ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart
The Stages Power meter is the first power meter to use Bluetooth Smart protocol in addition to ANT+.
Allows for true two-way communication between the Stages Power meter and a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled head unit.
- send more data per-second to devices when compared to ANT+.
- future-proofs every Stages Power meter with the ability to update the meter wirelessly.
- no need for external wires or ports - easily update firmware using a smartphone.
- upload rides captured on your smartphone directly to Strava or TrainingPeaks before you even take your helmet off.
ANT+ is the gold standard for wireless communication in the cycling and athletic industries. The system is simple, robust, and provides for riders the ability to add power to their ANT+ devices.

StagesPower App
Future proof your power meter. All the data your Stages Meter transmits is transmitted directly into the Stages Power app. Use the app to update your firmware and access Stages Power innovations. The app identifies and allows instant firmware updates. Zero reset the meter from within the app. Take quick looks at power and cadence and power meter battery level indication. High-speed data capture demonstrating the Stages Power meter's sensitivity, and expert coaching applications.

Stages Link
Stages Link (login: offers every cyclist the ability to analyse and improve their fitness. With daily trainings plans and the ability to use the data collected from Stages power meters, Stages Link make a cyclists goals a reality. When you purchase a Stages Dash computer you get Stages Link advanced features for two months free. However, the basic functions don't cost a thing.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

170.0 mm: SRCL-C
172.5 mm: SRCL-D
175.0 mm: SRCL-E


- 1 x Stages Campagnolo Super Record left crankarm, power meter included
- 1 x CULT ceramic bearing for left crankarm
- 1 x CR2032 battery


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  • carbon/170.0 mm
  • carbon/172.5 mm
  • carbon/175.0 mm

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