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The best MTB pedals we know: the NumberNine2 Titanium Platform Pedals by Syntace

Actually, these should be twice as expensive. Sparing no expense and effort was the guiding principle to build the most stable platform pedal with the least possible loss of power. For the NumberNine2 Titanium, the Syntace " Butterfly" base body has been further improved and optimised for off-road use. The highly vulnerable lower corners on the pedal body have been bevelled to reduce the risk of " getting stuck" on stones and roots. In addition, the arrangement of the pins has been further optimised, which further improves the grip on the pedal.


All Mountain, Trail
platform pedals

Technical Information:

Body Material:
aluminium (7075-T6)
Axle Material:
3 OS precision ball bearings
double PU lip seal
16 mm (without pin height)
Dimensions (Length x Width):
93 mm x 87 mm (small), 100 mm x 92 mm (medium), 105 x 100 mm (large)*
Number of Pins:
Pin Height:
4.2 mm (of which 2.8 mm threadless pin, 1.4 mm hexagonal flat collar)

*Note to the Dimensions:
Pedal manufacturers use different procedures when measuring their pedals. To make comparing easier, bc has measured this pedal for you and noted the dimensions in a product photo.

Approved For:

Weight Limit:
140 kg (rider + gear)


No loophole for water and dirt
Except for the actual axle exit, the Syntace NumberNine2 Titan pedal is sealed all around. On the Syntace NumberNine2 pedal, the only necessary sealing package is on the inside in front of the axle thread, easily recognisable by the large radial shaft seal. Due to the pedal body housing being pulled further inwards, it is now well-protected by the crank arm lying directly in front of it.

Always horizontal
The Syntace bearing system slows down the pedal's smooth running without load just enough so that it remains in position when the foot is lifted, and is immediately ready in the appropriate position when the foot is put back on. The little " helper" has no noticeable or measurable disadvantages during normal pedalling, as it is precisely not in the actual power transfer.

GreaseGun ready
The built-in, dirt-proof Syntace Grease Port and the further-developed bearing construction, which is open on one side, make the NumberNine2 Titan pedal grease-ready from the outside in seconds. This extends the service life of the bearings many times over compared to conventionally lubricated ball bearings.

100 % ball bearing, nothing else
Consistently applied physics: anti-friction bearings have significantly lower friction losses than plain bearings, especially under loads. Especially when the mostly open plain bearings show the typical dirt ingress.
Syntace therefore uses only very heavy-duty precision ball bearings at all three bearing points of the NumberNine2 pedal. For you as a rider, this means: you get pedals with the lowest possible power loss. The harder you pedal, the greater your performance advantage.

Those who build sturdily can build easily
The Syntace Monoblock pedal body is milled from a single piece of aerospace-proven 7075-T6 aluminium instead of the usual extrusions made from soft 6061 alloys or even magnesium alloys, which are very prone to breaking or bending at the ribs when in contact with hard impacts.
All support arms and crossbars of the Syntace NumberNine2 Titan are exclusively designed as statically determined support profiles, without any slitting, perforation or similar fashionable attributes. This makes the NumberNine2 Titan almost indestructible in hard, rocky terrain.
A hollow-drilled, high-strength titanium axle, tested according to a significantly more stringent proprietary test standard for pedal axles, reliably holds the NumberNine flat pedal at over 500 kg breaking load per pedal. In cases of lateral camber impacts, the axial force absorption in the Syntace NumberNine2 Titan pedal takes place via a special robust end stop instead of the ball bearings. This means that the ball bearings are not radially loaded by hard impacts from outside.

The pins:
The 44 sophisticatedly placed pins on the tread sit on a special, slightly concave height arrangement: the middle pins of the NumberNine2 Titan are slightly lower, the outer eight pins sit on raised and completely continuous ridges without any recesses.
The hexagonal flat collar pins with a very low but sharp edge, combined with cylindrical 2.8 mm pins without threads, enable very good power transfer with the new, soft, grip-optimised shoe soles. A better one than, for example, with the " legendary" thin grub screws and their significantly reduced contact surface with the rubber sole due to the thread groove.


Shoe Size:
35 - 42
Manufacturer Number:

Shoe Size:
38 - 45
Manufacturer Number:

Shoe Size:
43 - 50
Manufacturer Number:


  • 1 x pair Syntace NumberNine2 Titanium platform pedals
  • 45 x Syntace 4.2 mm pins (not mounted)
  • 1 x Syntace screwdriver


  • raceblack/S: 271 g
  • raceblack/M: 285 g
  • raceblack/L: 301 g


  • raceblack/S, out of stock
  • raceblack/M, in stock
  • raceblack/L, out of stock

Customer Reviews (4)


Customer Reviews (4)


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by Grishankov V.  on 19.02.2023
verified purchase


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by markus p.  on 04.09.2022
verified purchase

Nicht billig, aber die besten Pedale die ich je hatte. Nach einem Alpencross sage ich top: leicht, super Grip. und scheinbar gebaut für die Ewigkeit. bei der Wartung ist auch an alles gedacht worden.

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by Juergen B.  on 03.05.2018
verified purchase
5 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

Super Grip und top Verarbeitung!
Tipp: In Verbindung mit X01 Eagle Kurbel und Crank Arm Guards/ Boots klemmt die Pedale bei Zugabe von nur einer U-Scheibe. Auf jeder Seite einfach 2 Stk. unterlegen (Truvativ/ SRAM) und alles funktioniert tadellos.

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by CHRISTOPHE M.  on 05.01.2018
verified purchase
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Meilleurs pédales Flat du monde :-)

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