Vortrieb Model 1: Frame features

More standover height: A sloping top tube 

When compared to classic diamond frames, the Vortrieb Urban bike has a sloping top tube. This means that its main frame offers a maximum amount of standover height. Getting on and off the bike also becomes much easier, even with panniers.

Stiff, efficient, fast: A compact main frame 

The compact frame with its shorter tubes decreases leverage and torsional forces, making the frame stiffer. As a result, the energy you put into pedalling is converted more efficiently into forward motion. 

Increased stability: Slack head tube angle

The head tube angle tells you how slanted the fork sits in the frame. A smaller angle results in a slacker head tube. But how does this affect the ride? A slacker head tube angle creates a larger wheelbase, making the bike more stable. The Vortrieb Urban bike head tube angle is slacker than most commuters, which lets it take advantage of the increased stability.

Authentic craftsmanship: Smooth welding technology

The smooth welds underline the elegant and clean design of the Vortrieb Urban bike. However, there is more to them than just looks. This special welding process requires that two welds are made on top of each other. Then, they are carefully smoothed, hence the name. This results in a very strong and stylish weld.

Great design: Seamlessly integrated fork

The Vortrieb fork is seamlessly integrated into the frame. It almost looks like it came out of the same mould. This make is optically very pleasing.

Attention to detail: Corrosion-free aluminium housing guides

To keep the Vortrieb Urban bike quiet on uneven ground, all the housings are run under the down tube using corrosion-free aluminium housing guides.