absoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads Disc Brake Pads for SRAM/Avid - organic - aluminum/SR-003

absoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads Disc Brake Pads for SRAM/Avid

Item number: 91033

absoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads brake pads for SRAM - Superior heat dissipation and extra-long service life

The GRAPHENpads brake pads by absoluteBLACK for SRAM and Avid disc brakes work with an organic-ceramic pad material containing the carbon graphene. They combine this with a graphene-coated carrier plate and specially shaped cooling fins.
Graphene dissipates heat excellently, is very durable and has a friction-reducing effect in terms of brake force modulation. The coating of the GRAPHENpads ensures that the heat generated during braking is quickly transferred to the backing plate. From there, it is immediately transferred to the cooling fins thanks to the coating. These have a sophisticated design with numerous 45-degree angles, which increases the total surface area and results in a more efficient transfer of heat to the cooling airstream. This means that the pads, brake rotors and also the brake pistons heat up less than with conventional pads. Brake fade is prevented, the service life of the system is extended and you have to apply less force to brake, so that you master descents in a more controlled and self-assured manner.
The GRAPHENpads are suitable for all weather conditions and have a durability of several thousand kilometres. They are manufactured in Europe entirely without the use of potentially harmful copper dust.


Brake Pad Compound:
Backing Plate Material:
Cooling Fins:


  • organic-ceramic lining material with graphene-carbon, graphene-coated carrier plate and specially shaped cooling fins
  • fast, efficient heat transfer to the carrier plate and the cooling fins
  • cooling fins with 45-degree angles increase surface area, promote air exchange and improve heat dissipation
  • pad and brake rotor temperature remains 35% lower than with commercially available pads
  • more consistent, reliable braking without fading even on difficult descents
  • better modulation and predictability of braking force
  • faster brake response
  • low noise emission even on long descents
  • less braking force required, thus less hand fatigue
  • longer durability of the entire system (pads, brake rotors, brake pistons, seals, brake fluid)
  • excellent results in downhill test with continuous braking and progressive braking test
  • good for all weather conditions
  • very long durability: 8000 km on average in hilly terrain (according to manufacturer's test)
  • no health-endangering copper dust
  • made in Europe


organic - aluminium / SR-003:
Type 31
Manufacturer Number:
Avid Elixir Trail 7 / 9 / XO Trail / SRAM Guide R / Guide RS / Guide RSC / Guide Ultimate / G2
Also compatible with Trickstuff Direttissima (C42 piston), Piccola HD (C42 piston)
Manufacturer Designation:
Disc 31 (G2)

organic - aluminium / SR-006:
Type 35
Manufacturer Number:
Avid Elixir 1 / Elixir 3 / Elixir 5 / Elixir 7 / Elixir 9 / Elixir X0 / Elixir CR Mag / Elixir CR / Elixir R / XX / SRAM DB1 / DB3 / DB5 (not for SRAM XX / XX World Cup up to model year 2011) Level Ultimate (as of 2020) / TLM (as of 2020) / Level TL / Level T / Level / Red AXS / Force AXS / Rival AXS (Flatmount two-piece caliper, from 2020)
Manufacturer Designation:
Disc 35 (eTap AXS)


  • 1 x pair absoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads brake pads for SRAM/Avid

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  • organic - aluminum/SR-003, in stock
  • organic - aluminum/SR-006, in stock

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