absoluteBLACK Oval Chainring for FSA ABS Road 2-speed

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absoluteBLACK Oval Chainring for FSA ABS Road 2-speed - black/34 tooth
absoluteBLACK Oval Chainring for FSA ABS Road 2-speed - black/34 tooth
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For 4- and 5-arme ABS cranks: the Road 2x FSA oval chainrings by absoluteBLACK

These oval Premium chainrings by absoluteBLACK are designed for FSA ABS (Asymmetrical Bolt System) cranks like Gossamer, SL-K and K-Force. The fit both 4-bolt and 5-bolt cranks. These crank designs are identical, except for the fifth screw in the 5-bolt design, hidden behind the crank arm, that you do not need. Shifting performance, stiffness and design of these FSA chainrings are second to none.


Application: Road
Mount: 110 mm pitch circle, 4-arm asymmetrical
Teeth: 34 t, 36 t, 38 t, 39 t, 50 t, 52 t, 53 t
Gearing: 2x10-speed, 2x11-speed, 2x12-speed
Type: oval 3.5 % (34 t), 11.4 % (36 - 39 t), 10 - 11.2 % (50 - 53 t)

Technical Information:

Material: aluminium (7075)
Combinations: 34-50 t, 36-52 t, 38-52 t, 39-53 t*

* Other combinations are also possible, but the shifting process is slowed down and adjustments to the front derailleur are necessary. In addition, the difference between the chainrings on the Shimano and SRAM front derailleurs must not exceed 16 teeth.


- all FSA ABS (Asymmetrical Bolt System) cranks like Gossamer, SL-K, K-Force, K-Force Light
- for 4-bolt and 5-bolt designs
- Di2 compatible


- developed using 3D CAD software, CNC-manufactured, anodised
- durable construction (5 mm)
- smoother, more efficient pedalling, especially while climbing, with reduced knee load
- 6-points ramp design
- excellent weight to stiffness ratio
- 15 % less shifting operations needed
- ovality and timing (108 - 110.5°) matched to chainring size (TDC technology, Top Dead Center)

Note from the manufacturer: With Gossamer cranks, you can reuse the original FSA bolts and spacers. With the SL-K cranks, you can continue to use the original FSA covers and bolts. For K-Force cranks, you absolutely need the matching absoluteBLACK bolt covers, otherwise you will not be able to mount these chainrings on K-Force.


Oval chainrings follow the natural physiology of humans. They maximise pedalling power the moment it is developed and minimise resistance when it is not. As a result, oval chainrings allow the rider to pedal more smoothly and stay loose on the climb.
In fact, your pedal stroke will feel " rounder" with an oval chainring than with a round chainring.

Advantages of Oval Chainrings
Compared to round chainrings, oval chainrings address more muscle groups - but each of them to a lesser degree. The total load of pedalling is therefore distributed over a larger muscle mass and the knees are less strained.
This has three advantages: 1. The legs remain fresher and more relaxed. 2. You can go uphill faster. 3. Spreading the load over more muscles reduces the susceptibility to cramps, even with great effort. Ultimately this will increase your riding pleasure. For MTB applications, the rear wheel traction is increased on loose and slippery surfaces, allowing you to make better progress on demanding terrain.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

34 tooth: FSOV34/4
36 tooth: FSOV36/4
38 tooth: FSOV38/4 sold-out
39 tooth: FSOV39/4
50 tooth: FSOV50/4
52 tooth: FSOV52/4
53 tooth: FSOV53/4 sold-out


- 1 x absoluteBLACK Premium Road 2x FSA oval chainring


  • black/34 tooth: 32 g
  • black/36 tooth: 33 g
  • black/39 tooth: 41 g
  • black/50 tooth: 115 g
  • black/52 tooth: 132 g


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  • black/34 tooth
  • black/36 tooth
  • black/39 tooth
  • black/50 tooth
  • black/52 tooth

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Florian S.  on 01.03.2019
verified purchase

Nach Verschleiss der Original Kettenblättern wollte ich mal den ovalen Kettenblättern eine Chance geben. Ich fahre jetzt das 34er und 50er in Verbindung mit FSA Powerbox Kurbel. Ob oval was bringt, darüber streiten sich die Experten. Optisch ist das große Kettenblatt jedenfalls ein Augenschmaus. Trotz Ovalität funktioniert der Schaltvorgang gut, wenn auch nicht ganz so geschmeidig wie bei runden Kettenblättern.

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