absoluteBLACK Oval Road 110/4 Chainring for Sub-Compact - black/32 tooth

absoluteBLACK Oval Road 110/4 Chainring for Sub-Compact

Item number: 62793

The absoluteBLACK Oval Road 110/4 Sub-Compact chainring for Shimano 4-arm cranks with a 110 mm bolt circle diameter

This oval 2-speed chainring by absoluteBLACK allows you to ride your Shimano road bike crank with Sub-Compact or Super-Compact gradation. This has the advantage of a very small gear ratio and thus proves to be enormously helpful on steep climbs. The chainring fits Shimano cranks with four asymmetrically arranged arms and 110 mm bolt circle diameter such as Dura-Ace R9100, Ultegra R8000, 105 R7000, but also Dura-Ace 9000 and other older models. It is made of premium quality aluminium and is characterised by long durability. Thanks to the oval shape, you optimise your pedalling movement, reduce the strain on your knees and move forward faster.


110 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm asymmetrical
30 T, 32 T, 46 T, 48 T
2x10-speed, 2x11-speed
Oval 9% (30 T), 8% (32 T), 10 - 11.2% (46/48 T)

Technical Information:

2.5 mm
30-46 T, 32-48 T
aluminium (7075)


Dura-Ace R9100 (also R9120, R9150, R9170 groupsets), 9000 (also Di2 groupsets) / Ultegra R8000 (also R8020, R8050, R8070 groupsets), 6800 (also Di2 groupsets) / 105 R7000 (also R7020, R7070 groupsets), 5800
10-speed or 11-speed

Note from the manufacturer:

These chainrings are not compatible with power meters that have a circular spider (e.g. SRAM QUARQ, Power2Max).
These chainrings are not compatible with SRAM Yaw front derailleurs.
Combinations other than those mentioned above are not possible. The small chainrings are supplied with screws, which are absolutely necessary for assembly.


  • Sub-Compact gradation for easier climbing on steep, long climbs
  • higher cadence and more efficiency on the mountain even without a larger cassette
  • oval shape for improved traction and performance uphill
  • 46/11 or 48/11 as the largest gear ratio is sufficient for flats
  • faster, looser riding with a natural pedalling motion with reduced strain on the knees
  • ovality and timing (108 - 110.5°) matched to chainring size (TDC technology, Top Dead Center)
  • durable construction, CNC-machined
  • anodised
  • premium quality
  • designed in Great Britain, manufactured in Poland


Oval Chainrings
Oval chainrings follow the natural physiology of humans. They maximise pedalling power the moment it is developed and minimise resistance when it is not. As a result, oval chainrings allow the rider to pedal more smoothly and stay loose on the climb.
In fact, your pedal stroke will feel " rounder" with an oval chainring than with a round chainring.
Compared to round chainrings, oval chainrings address more muscle groups - but each of them to a lesser degree. The total load of pedalling is therefore distributed over a larger muscle mass and the knees are less strained.
This has three advantages: 1. The legs remain fresher and more relaxed. 2. You can go uphill faster. 3. Spreading the load over more muscles reduces the susceptibility to cramps, even with great effort. Ultimately this will increase your riding pleasure. For MTB applications, the rear wheel traction is increased on loose and slippery surfaces, allowing you to make better progress on demanding terrain.

Manufacturer Numbers:

black 30 tooth:
black 32 tooth:
black 46 tooth:
black 48 tooth:
grey 48 tooth:


  • 1 x absoluteBLACK Road 110/4 BCD Sub-Compact Oval chainring
  • 2 x M5 titanium bolts (only for 30 T)
  • 2 x M7 titanium bolts (only for 30 T)
  • 4 x M7 titanium bolts (only for 32 T)


  • black/30 tooth: 27 g
  • black/32 tooth: 30 g
  • black/46 tooth: 99 g
  • black/48 tooth: 110 g
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.84 / 5.00


  • black/30 tooth, in stock
  • black/32 tooth, in stock
  • black/46 tooth, in stock
  • black/48 tooth, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Tobias J. on 23.06.2020
verified purchase
item: black/46 tooth
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Ich finde die Teile super. Konnte sonst nichts finden mit 46/30 für die Ultegra-Kurbel und wenn man lange unterwegs ist/war braucht man sowas halt einfach!
Ich hatte genau 1x einen Chain-Drop auf ~14.000 km mit diesen Blättern und das war ganz am Anfang von mein Mechaniker dann nochmal etwas nachjustiert hat.

Einzig die komplizierte Lieferung ist ein echter negativ Punkt.

Auffällig ist das ich mit diesem Blättern deutlich weniger Knieprobleme habe als mit dem anderen Rad. Ob es natürlich an der Ovalität oder am Rad selbst liegt - schwer zu sagen.
Wer aber Schmerzen hat für den wäre es einen Versuch Wert!

P.s. Noch besser wäre wenn sie 46/28 anbieten würden.

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by Boris Z. on 14.10.2019
verified purchase
item: black/30 tooth
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Klasse! Jetzt komme ich auch mit meiner Kondition wieder gut lange Berge und Pässe hoch. 46/30 auf der Ultegra Kurbel. Sieht seltsam aus, aber ich finde es fährt sich richtig gut. Und bis 50 lohnt sich auch noch das reintreten :-)

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