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Theft-protection for your bike

Every year around 2.5 million bicycles are stolen in Europe. For years, the rate at which bicycle theft cases are solved has been a sobering nine to ten percent. In the end it’s up to you to protect your bike with a good lock and possibly secure other components such as seatposts or wheels with an appropriate lock.

We have compiled a selection of good bicycle locks according to security level for you here. For a short trip to the ice cream parlour or for securing luggage and helmets to your bike, a lightweight lock that packs small is often sufficient. You'll find them in our security level I. For medium-priced commuter bicycles or bicycles parked in less theft-prone areas, the security level II locks are great. But the higher the quality of your bike, the more secure your bike lock should be. The most secure locks, be it a robust U-lock, a versatile folding lock or the classic chain lock, can be found in our security level III. Pitlock locking systems for the components on your bike or the Abus NutFix can be found on the fourth tab of this page.

A quick run into the bakery, a short stop at the ice-cream parlour or additional bag security on a longer bike trip. Here you can turn to the security level I locks. These include lightweight chain or cable lock, which are particularly great because they pack small. If your leave your bicycle somewhere busy in broad daylight, these locks prevent someone just taking your bike and walking away. Important: Always lock your bike to something and not just to itself!

Lightweight Chain & Cable Locks

Security level II bicycle locks are suitable for securing your city or commuter bicycle during the day at university or at work. They offer security for medium-priced bikes and for bikes in quiet suburban locations. The decision as to whether it should be a chain, cable, folding or U-lock is primarily a matter of use: Due to their design, U-locks usually offer the toughest resistance to theft attempts, but chain and cable locks are more flexible and quicker to lock, while folding locks are a good compromise between the two.


Folding Locks

Chain Locks

Cable Locks

The rule of thumb is: 10% of the bikes value should be invested in the lock with which you secure your bike. In other words, the higher the quality of your bike, the better the lock should be. It is even advisable to use two bike locks, depending on where and for how long your bike is left unattended. With the category III locks your bike gets the best possible protection against theft, you can buy.

More Security Level III Locks

Your bike is securely locked, but your seatpost and wheels are mounted with a quick releases? If you have to leave your bike outside at night or in a publicly accessible cellar, or if you simply want to secure your high-quality parts, you will find a selection of articles for locking components here.

Wall and Floor Anchors