Smartwatches & Heart Rate Monitors

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"A GPS multisport smartwatch is the right choice for many. The smartwatch combines classic fitness tracking functions for everyday life such as heart rate measurements, estimating calories burned or counting your steps using the GPS-based functions of a navigation device. In addition, the latest devices from Garmin offer the possibility to store music on it or pay using the watch."

Jan, Marketing

"I chose the Garmin fenix 6 Pro mainly because of the maps and music functions. When mountain biking I don't feel like having an additional device on the handlebars. To orientate myself a quick glance at the watch is enough for me to know where I am, even in the mountains, due to the TopoActive European map. When I go running I no longer have to carry a mobile phone with me, instead I always have my music on my wrist. Personally I think that it's the perfect multisport watch."

Jan, Marketing

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