City & Touring Helmets


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Bike helmets for Urban, City & Touring Rides

As a cyclist in the city, you are very quickly overlooked. And before you know it, you're involved in an accident and you're lying on the road - regardless of whether you yourself were the cause, such an accident happens faster than you think. Therefore, one should wear a bicycle helmet on every ride, no matter how small, especially in traffic. Unfortunately, as a cyclist you are one of the weakest participants in road traffic and should therefore protect yourself accordingly. City & Touring bike helmets should offer protection, good ventilation and at the same time a nice design. Some Urban helmets also have a built-in visor to protect against dirt and rain. Others have integrated lights, which do not replace the lights on the bike, but only assist them. Click through our wide range of products in the category Urban bike helmets and contact our friendly service team via live chat or phone if you have any questions about special models or technologies!