The frame is the backbone of a bicycle. But only bike parts such as brakes, suspension forks or wheels make your bike complete.Read More Here


Bike parts

The frame is the backbone of a bicycle. But only bike parts such as brakes, suspension forks or wheels make your bike complete. Bicycle parts or components are all the parts that you attach directly to the bike.

Whether you need spare parts for your MTB, e-bike or road bike, or are looking for parts to upgrade your bike and make it even better: You will find all the components and bike parts you need here, clearly organised.

Parts to upgrade your bike

With better components you can raise the performance of your bike and your riding enjoyment to a new level. Lighter wheels for better acceleration, more powerful brakes for quick deceleration, or would you prefer a new suspension fork and rear shock to get the most out of your MTB suspension? The possibilities for improving your existing bike and adapting it more precisely to your needs are limitless. Modern carbon components save weight, you can optimise your training with a power meter, and with the right tyres you can win every mountain sprint.

In the event of a defect or wear: spare bike parts

Even the best and most robust bicycle parts can break at some point. Some components wear out through use. Disciplines such as (e-)mountain biking, road cycling or gravel cycling or daily commuting by e-bike place high demands on the material. When the time comes and you need to replace the parts, you will always find the right ones for your bike in our online shop.

Great component brands

Whether upgrades, wear or spare parts - you will always find the right bike components in our shop. This includes parts from renowned manufacturers and industry giants such as Shimano, SRAM or DT Swiss as well as high-end products from exclusive brands such as Beast Components, Chris King or Trickstuff and high-performance and affordable parts from brands such as 3min19sec, LEVELNINE and many more.

Your customised bike from us

The huge range of bike parts from bike-components has yet another advantage for you. From the huge selection of thousands of parts from all over the world, our customer service team will build your very own customised bike of your dreams on request. Personalised advice and selection of all components is included. How about a custom bike based on a fantastic frame from Santa Cruz, Factor, Raaw or Nicolai, for example? Or do you enjoy tinkering with bikes yourself? Congratulations: Nothing stands in the way of the bike of your dreams!


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