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resonator - Exactly your wavelength!
At resonator , the name says it all: The young brand has dedicated itself to the task of building exactly the products that make up your bike dreams. The people behind resonator spend large parts of their waking hours in the saddle, from narrow tyres to full suspension. They know what a good bike is all about and what makes one excellent. In their profession as engineers and their passion for frame construction, they draw on many years of experience in quality standards, design and material processing. All this flows into resonator's product ideas. As a first result of many hours of designing, testing, rethinking and riding, the Wizard of Titan frame was created. We at bike components support the makers of resonator by taking care of the entire distribution and are happy to be able to offer you the exclusive small series of titanium frames in a limited edition. The Wizard of Titan is a bike that is great for any use, whether for the muddy after-work ride or a world tour.

Prototype Gallery: Wizard of Titan

We at bike components have put the resonator frames through their paces. Conclusion: Nobody wants to not have their Wizard by their side. In this gallery we show you the Wizard of Titan individual builds from our test riders Christoph, Julian, Jan, Klaus, Philipp and Sebastian. Get inspired and create your own resonator Wizard!