Now, more than ever, your bike deserves 3T! Their components look good, feel good and are truly lightweight. Have a look at the products below, where you will find handlebars, seatpost, forks, unique framesets and much more.

"3T components come in three grades, Pro, Team, and LTD. Pro is their entry grade, fit for all racing and specified by pro teams that prefer alloy bars. TEAM reaches for lighter weight, usually in all-carbon-fiber, and offers the widest range of sizes. LTD is 3T's luxury edition, built in the topmost grade of carbon-fiber, finessed for ultimate light weight, and offered in ravishing custom colors."

Björn, Product Management
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About 3T

3T was founded in Torino in 1961. The iconic brand is a hallmark name in Italian cycling. Over the years, many great champions put their trust in 3T. Its polished-alloy racing handlebars, stems, and seatposts were renowned for their perfect fit, light weight, and elegant looks.

In 2007, 3T became an independent brand again and made major new investments in advanced design and engineering for the era of carbon-fibre. The entire product range was renewed with world-class components, offering bike riders everywhere the same advantages as pro team riders enjoy.

Now, as in the past, 3T is clear about its aim - to make cycling components that are strong, safe, light, and look great. Components that riders love. That’s where 3T is coming from and that’s what 3T has been doing for more than five winning decades.

They also have a track record of firsts: first to bring many modern alloys to cycling, create a dedicated aerobar, and win the ID design award, first to introduce dedicated gravel wheels, and first to introduce a multi-surface aero bike frame. First, too, in competition – in the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, one-day Classics, Olympics, World Championships, national championships, and ironman triathlons. Passionate about staying first, 3T continues to invest human and financial capital in exploring new ways of making products that excel in quality, simplicity, beauty, and sustainability.

Now, more than ever, your bike deserves 3T!