ABUS Locks & Helmets


Did you know? The history of ABUS, today's world market leader for locks and security, began in 1924 in the cellar of a family house in Volmarstein near Wetter an the Ruhr river in Germany. Here stood the smithy where the first padlocks were built, with which ABUS began. Within five years the small family business had grown to 300 employees and the production facility in Volmarstein was opened, which is still used today. To this day it is a family business, now in its 4th generation, which relies on production in Germany and is therefore globally successful. If you are looking for solid, safe locks for bicycles, you can't avoid ABUS and ABUS is also a pioneer when it comes to bicycle helmets for MTB, Road, City & Touring and children.

"ABUS products are just a part of my life. Especially the same-keyed locks. I have a City Chain and my wife has a Bordo, however, they still use the same key to make things easier for the both of us! For years we have been riding with ABUS helmets as well. Come to think of it, my front door has an ABUS lock."

Marcel, Purchasing