Abus jLocks

Looking for a solid and secure bicycle lock? ABUS offers you the full range of high-quality locks for your bicycle, from classic U-locks to flexible folding locks to comfortable chain and cable locks. High-quality materials and the constant development of new security technologies - such as a lock that sounds the alarm when an attempt to break in is registered - make ABUS products stand out in particular. Whether you are looking for a smart lock or locks with the same key for your family: ABUS is sure to find what you are looking for.

Same-Keyed ABUS Locks

There is the possibility of matching one key to multiple ABUS locks. We recommend that you make such an order with us over the phone. That way we can give you the best possible service when it comes to ordering multiple keys. Please note the following information:

  • If you want to order two new locks with same-keyed locks there is a 10 % price surcharge per lock.
  • If you already have an ABUS lock and would like to key a new lock to be the same there is a 10 % price surcharge on the new lock. In this case, please have your ABUS code card ready.
  • In the download link, you will find the various locks that can be combined.

The ABUS Level System

The ABUS Level System can help you make a decision on which lock to buy, depending on what level of securtiy you need.

  • Standard Security (Level: 1-4)
  • Extra Security (Level: 5-9)
  • Maximum Security (Level: 10-15)