Brooks Cambium C15 Carved All Weather Saddle - black/140 mm

Brooks Cambium C15 Carved All Weather Saddle

Item number: 59741

Black beauty in the carved version: the Cambium C15 Carved All Weather Saddle by Brooks

The relief cutout in the seat area reduces pressure and increases comfort on longer rides. The additional flexibility is particularly good at absorbing shocks and vibrations the road.


City & Touring
Size (LxWxH):
283 x 140 x 52 mm
Saddle Rails:
7 x 7 mm (standard)

Technical Information:

Rail Material:
black stainless steel
Shell Material:
natural rubber
Cover Material:

Manufacturer Number:

C205C A06300


  • 1 x Brooks Cambium Carved C15 All Weather Saddle


  • black/140 mm: 395 g
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.84 / 5.00


  • black/140 mm, in stock

Customer Reviews (9)


Customer Reviews (9)


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by Govert D. on 27.08.2023
verified purchase
item: black/140 mm

Cambium C17 on my gravelbike/tourer, C15 on my roadbike - love these saddles. Never bothered to measure my sit bones - just installed the saddles and ride!

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by Ivan P. on 01.06.2020

Perfect seddle without any question. You can ride all day and your ass be happy ay the end. Just one warning - before buying, measure your pelvic bones. They should be 1.5-2 cm narrower than the saddle (in the case of MTB).

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by Stanislav K. on 02.05.2020
verified purchase
item: black/140 mm

Прекрасное седло.... С его приобретением отказался от "памперса". теперь только Брукс:)

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by Vladimir G. on 19.02.2018
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This saddle is neither super-comfortable, nor it causes any discomfort. The surface is rigid, but while riding it feels quite flexible. The saddle is quite narrow and it's good only for those with narrow seat bones riding in sports position (about 45° angle). Extremely fine saddle angle adjustments are needed for proper fit.

The durability of plastic rails remains to be seen (the steel and titanium rails of Brooks saddles are not very durable though). There is some play between the rails and the back plate while flexing the saddle. The rubber base with nylon finish looks and feels very nice.

By all means this is a sports saddle, but its weight is terrifying in this class. Nevertheless it has excellent look and above average comfort, so it may be a good saddle for those who wants a Brooks for himself without specific natural leather issues.

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