Record Ultra-Shift Ergopower 2x12 Shift/Brake Levers - carbon/2x12 speed
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Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross

Technical Information:

Brake Lever Material:
Lever Body Material:
clamp (closed)


  • side-pull rim brakes
  • direct mount rim brakes


  • Ultra-Shift™ Ergonomics: secure grip in all positions for fast and precise shifting and braking
  • new rubber Vari-Cushion™ hand protection: natural silicone material with moulded areas that follow along the grip of the first and second finger
  • The knurled areas drain water while keeping the handguard dry, thereby increasing grip.
  • internal texture for variable thickness that guarantees the best possible comfort
  • Ultra Shift™ mechanism with differentiation of the maximum number of detents during upshifting, depending on which sprocket the rider is shifting from
  • only mechanical set on the market that allows for multiple configurations (up to 5 sprockets)
  • quick positioning on the desired gear ratio when starting off strongly on an incline or approaching a curve (up to 4 gear ratios with chain on the first 4 sprockets, up to 3 gear ratios with the chain positioned above the 4th sprocket)
  • cable sheaths with minimal frictional resistance (No-Bulge™)
  • ergonomic brake lever with pivot point in line with the support surface
  • button with pin integrated into the brake lever for quick brake release
  • insert for large hands
  • capable of making fine adjustments to the front derailleur


For Campagnolo, comfort means safety and performance. Having a safe and comfortable grip, in all driving positions and especially on long distances, always means delivering top performance. The design of the contact surface is perfectly adapted to the hand. The lever body reproduces the asymmetry of the human hand, enlarging the contact area with the palm and offering different resting positions that allow maximum safety in all driving positions. Due to their shape, the levers are always easy to reach, regardless of your riding position or the size of your hand. A study focusing on the hand positions of racing cyclists highlights 3 different riding positions, all of which depend on the route and riding style. Based on these studies, Campagnolo created the special and exclusive shape of the Ergopower™ brake controls to ensure a safe and comfortable ride at all times. In addition, a special insert for large hands allows the distance between the shift levers and the handlebars to be increased by 8%, thus creating sufficient space for braking and shifting while maintaining the highest safety standards.
The Vari-Cushion™ system encloses the grip body and serves as a damper. The special geometry of the hand-protective rubber made of elastic and anti-allergic material with different density (soft contact area of the palm, higher strength in the grip area) absorbs vibrations, so you can sit in the saddle for many hours without your hands getting tired or overstrained.
The Ultra-Shift™ geometry of the levers enables more powerful brake operability. Even with your hands on the Ergopower™ levers, you can brake strongly and quickly. With this advantage, pros can be entertained in peace.

Take the lead as quickly as possible and leave your opponents at a standstill. The Campagnolo Ultra-Shift™ shift lever is generally considered the fastest and most precise. Thanks to the patented Ultra-Shift™ system, the chain can be shifted simultaneously by three sprockets when downshifting and up to five when upshifting. The lever design also offers smoother shifting, characterised by the typical " click" of Campagnolo shifters. The Ultra-Shift™ system is used with the Super Record and Record 12-Speed groupsets.

Note: These Ergopower™ levers are not compatible with older rear and front derailleurs (up to and including 2014 models).

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  • 1 pair of Campagnolo Record shift/brake levers
  • incl. cables
  • incl. housings


  • carbon/2x12 speed, in stock

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