Computer Mount for Garmin / Wahoo / Hammerhead - black/universal

Cane Creek Computer Mount for Garmin / Wahoo / Hammerhead

Item number: 92048

The Computer Mount by Cane Creek with perfect alignment for Garmin, Wahoo or Hammerhead bike computers

The Cane Creek Computer Mount for the stem is used to attach your Garmin, Wahoo or Hammerhead bike computer and offers many options for optimal alignment. The bracket is mounted on two adjacent bolts of the clamping plate of an Ahead stem, whereby you yourself choose between the upper or lower ones. During assembly, you loosen and tighten one bolt at a time so you don't have to worry about accidentally twisting your handlebars. The angled retaining plate can be turned around so that when the computer is in a horizontal position, it is either a little higher or a little lower. But as if these four mounting options were not enough, the retaining plate is also designed like a rail so that you can slide the computer adapter back and forth on it. And you also adjust the tilt so that you can see the display well. In short: Simply mount the bracket so that you always have a good view of your bike computer. With the optional Accessory Mount, you can expand the range of functions of the Computer Mount to include a GoPro mount.

Technical Information:

aluminium (6061)


  • Ahead stems
  • cycling computers from Garmin, Wahoo or Hammerhead


  • stem mount for bike computers
  • can be attached to the upper or lower two stem bolts
  • retaining plate can be rotated, thus slightly higher or lower computer position possible
  • adjustable angle
  • computer can be moved on the holding plate, i.e. placed closer or further away

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x Cane Creek Computer Mount
  • 4 x bolts
  • 1 x Cane Creek adapters for Garmin
  • 1 x Cane Creek adapters for Wahoo

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Optional accessories:
Accessory Mount for GoPro

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  • black/universal, out of stock

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