Cane Creek

Cane Creek

First and foremost, Cane Creek is known for their headsets, and rightfully so since they were the first ones to bring the threadless Aheadset to the market. Formerly known as Dia Compe U.S.A., Cane Creek offers rear shocks, seatposts, brakes, and other various accessories. Cane Creek is on a mission to dream and build great products that advance bicycles and make riders smile.

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Cane Creek’s Claim

To everyone at Cane Creek, standing behind their components means a lot more than just offering a warranty. It is at the heart of everything they do, from ride-improving design to high manufacturing quality to responsive customer support. Long before a Cane Creek product gets onto your bike, it has to pass their rigorous standards. Does it make the ride more enjoyable? Is it light, strong and serviceable? Would they entrust their own bikes, not to mention their reputation, to its performance?