Continental Grand Prix 4 Season 28" Folding Tyre

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Grand Prix 4 Season 28" Folding Tyre - black-black/700x25
Grand Prix 4 Season 28" Folding Tyre - black-black/700x25
Grand Prix 4 Season 28" Folding Tyre - black-black/700x25
Grand Prix 4 Season 28" Folding Tyre - black-black/700x25
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Reliable all-season tyres for frequent riders: the Grand Prix 4 Season Tyres by Continental

Thanks to its DuraSkin fabric, the Grand Prix 4 Season is capable of withstanding extreme loads. At the Paris-Roubaix race, the so-called " hell of the north" , drivers equipped with Continental DuraSkin report by far the least amount of tyre damage. This GP tyre stands out thanks to its very high mileage, with excellent grip on wet roads even at lower temperatures. With 23 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm options, the Grand Prix 4-Season can be adjusted to meet a wide variety of road demands and comfort requirements. Double Vectran™Breaker increases puncture and slash protection by the highest values currently on the market.


Application: Road
Product Line: Premium
Ground Conditions: street
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Carcass: 330 tpi, 3 layers
Sidewall: DuraSkin®
Puncture Protection: double Vectran™ Breaker


Dimensions: 700 x 23c
ETRTO: 23-622
Air Pressure: 7.5 - 8.5 bar
Tube Recommendation: Race 28
Manufacturer Number: 0100173

Dimensions: 700 x 25c
ETRTO: 25-622
Air Pressure: 6.5 - 8.5 bar
Tube Recommendation: Race 28
Manufacturer Number: 0100175

Dimensions: 700 x 28c
ETRTO: 28-622
Air Pressure: 6.5-8.0 bar
Tube Recommendation: Race 28 Wide
Manufacturer Number: 0100177

Dimensions: 700 x 32c
ETRTO: 32-622
Air Pressure: 6.0-7.0 bar
Tube Recommendation: Race 28 Wide
Manufacturer Number: 0101095


- built for extreme loads
- lowest defect rate even on the most difficult terrain (e.g. paved)
- very high mileage, with excellent grip on wet roads even at lower temperatures
- double puncture and slash protection
- rolls easily


The Continental Premium tyres have been designed to deliver top performance. They are equipped with the latest technologies, which have been developed together with the most successful athletes in the world. They are handmade by the experienced specialists in Korbach (Germany). Added to this are selected materials for the highest quality and outstanding properties.

Tyres with DuraSkin sidewall protection must be able to plug in properly, as they are used under the most adverse conditions. On messenger bikes, the tyres slide along curbs; on touring bikes, they cross entire continents without wearing out; in racing, they have to prove themselves in competitions such as the Paris-Roubaix . High-quality polyamide fabric provides additional support for the sidewall, making the tyre ready for extreme sports. Tyres with DuraSkin® are immediately recognisable by the brown colour of their sidewalls.

Vectran™ is a synthetic high-tech fibre with its origins based in nature. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid crystalline polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is spun from the molten liquid polymer Vectra and further processed into a multi-fibre yarn. Spider silk as well as Vectran™ have enormous tensile strength at a very low weight.
Vectran™ was developed to be used across a wide array of applications: Astronaut tethers, boat sails, deep-sea cables, tear-resistant clothing. Vectran™ can be found wherever extreme durability is required. Vectran™ fibres have a tensile strength five times higher than steel, are fatigue-resistant and extremely hard wearing. These are all the right qualities to look for in puncture protection for a Continental performance tyre.
A Vectran™Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against slashes than comparable nylon breakers. The Vectran™Breaker does not at all impact they tyre's rolling resistance.

Colour Index:

black-black: Due to the DuraSkin® sidewall reinforcement, the Grand Prix 4-Season tyres have a brown chequered pattern in front of the black base.


- 1 x Continental Grand Prix 4-Season 28" folding tyre


  • black-black/700x23: 230 g
  • black-black/700x25: 240 g
  • black-black/700x28: 280 g
  • black-black/700x32: 320 g


  • black-black/700x23, in stock
  • black-black/700x25, ships on 19.07.2022
  • black-black/700x28, sold-out
  • black-black/700x32, sold-out

Customer Reviews (66)


Customer Reviews (66)


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by Edouard P.  on 07.07.2017
verified purchase

2017 modelmight come larger than expected!!!!
It's the third or fourth (rear) tyre that I fit (all 28mm) on my 28mm compliant frame, but this time it came wider than usual. I had to true my wheel to avoid rubbing against the frame. (this was on a workstand). Unfortunatelly, on the pavement, once applying power on the pedals or in some curves the tyre is still touching the frame (note; never had that issue before even with the former tyre which I changed because a "bulb" appeared after (8?) thousands km. Also my wheel was still ok needed about 1mm trueing. I have no tool to measure exactly how wide the tyre actually is, but a simple trick with an alen key and electrical tabe showed it. Also changing with the front tyre solved the problem instantly.
For a high end tyre of a major brand it's quite disapointing. On the other hand I ever had any other issue with this tyre and the rear always took at least 6000km.

Is this review helpful?
by Rene M.  on 17.03.2016
verified purchase

very durable and tough, can withstand road nuisance, had my first flat after 3000+ KM due to wire puncture, excellent quality

Is this review helpful?
by Csaba L.  on 01.03.2016
verified purchase

No puncture at 4000 km.

Is this review helpful?
by Nenad T.  on 01.08.2014
verified purchase

Smoot, fast and very good grip...

Is this review helpful?
by Martin B.  on 22.04.2014
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Bought for the winter but sadly surprised by a tear in the sidewall after one week usage :-(

Is this review helpful?
by Jens J.  on 03.03.2014
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Not the lightest, not the fastest, not the smoothest, not the most puncture proof - but it is close to all those features. It combines all of these important characteristics in a "charming" way. Living and biking in Denmark with lots of rain and flints your chose of tire is existential - I believe I have tried every serious tire (clincher/faltreifen) out there, 4-season comes out on top every time.

Is this review helpful?
by Ivan R.  on 13.01.2014
verified purchase

Fantastic year-round tires. Very durable with incredible grip. Fast during summer, secure and confident during winter and wet weather. Also, they look fantastic.

Is this review helpful?
by Kimmo K.  on 29.07.2011
verified purchase

Durable enough for urban use and gravel paths, good grip, light weight. I wish they were available in plain black without the orange side strip, though.

Is this review helpful?
by David S.  on 14.09.2004
verified purchase

A "must have" for Germany's cold wet autumn and spring. Get them in 25mm and they'll be sturdy enough for forestroads as well.

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