The Italian brand Favero Electronics has been breathing new life into the Road and power meter market since 2015. With ease, they were able use their expertise in measurement and control technology to construct power meter pedals and other bicycle components. Among the high-quality and well-priced power meter pedals, we are sure you will find the right product or spare part!

Highlights from Favero

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Favero breaks new ground - high quality power meter pedals since 2015

The Italian family brand Favero electronics has, since 2015, be successful in integrating the bicycle and power meter sectors into their product portfolio. With the introduction of the bePro power meter, they were able to show the high quality level that they can produce bicycle performance measurement technology at. The comparably affordable Road power meters have won over professional and hobby cyclists. Because their first power meter was so successful, Favero introduced the Favero Assioma, another power meter into their product portfolio.   

Product highlights of the Assioma and bePRO

One of Favero’s highlights are the batteries, which can be charged via USB cable. The power meters can also be connected to almost every bicycle computer via ANT+. Combined with easy installation, precise data and the ability to purchase a one-sided version, the bePRO and its successor the Assioma have become absolute top sellers. Via firmware updates, Favero is constantly improving their power meter pedals with added features and more precise measurement. If you are on the search for a way to start training like a professional on your Road bike, then look no further than a Favero power meter!