Gates CDX Rear Sprocket, Rohloff Spline

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Gates offers several lines of rear sprockets for peak performance in any environment. The CDX high-performance rear sprockets are made of sturdy stainless steel and are perfect for global trekking, competitive racing, or rugged off-roading.

Guidelines for the parts replacement of E-bikes:

Please follow the Guidelines for the parts replacement of CE marked E-bikes / pedelecs with pedal assist.


Application: Cross Country, City & Touring, E-Bike
Teeth: 19 t, 20 t, 22 t
Compatibility: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 and 500/14 XL, splined

Technical Information:

Sprocket Width: 12 mm
Pitch: 11 mm
Mounting Web Thickness: 2.0 mm
Flange Offset: 1.3 mm (Mount Surface), 2.3 mm (Centerline)
Material: stainless steel


- CDX: high-end variant for high loads & best performance
- suitable for mud, sand, snow & ice, all street types
- CenterTrack design, high mileage

Note: The sprockets can only be mounted on a Rohloff stiffness test approved frame. The Rohloff carrier is necessary to mount CDX Rohloff sprockets. Furthermore the use of a snubber wheel for the Gates-Rohloff combination is also required. Please note the Rohloff manual and the E-bike integration manual by Gates Carbon Drive.


Gates Carbon Drive System
The technology behind Gates Carbon Drive System is rooted in high horsepower motorcycles and dragsters. Now, this high performance technology has been perfected for a wide variety of bicycles. At the core of the drive is the Carbon Drive belt. Custom made, this carbon-fibre belt is a strong and efficient replacement to a traditional bike chain. The drive is completed with the innovative sprocket designs and your choice of internally-geared or single-speed hub. The patented Gates Carbon Drive System gives you a longer-lasting, lower-maintenance drive, and most importantly, an unbelievably awesome ride.
CLEAN - LOW MAINTENANCE: No lube required = no grease stains. It sheds dirt and grime and cleaning with water is easy. Just get on it and ride.
QUIET: No chain = no chain clatter. It's spooky quiet.
LIGHT: Gates Carbon Drive weighs less than a chain drive. Lighter weight means
higher performance.
STRONG: The instant engagement and smooth feel is unlike anything you've
experienced before. You've got to ride it to believe it.


19 tooth:
- Tooth Outer Diameter: 64.85 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: CT1119RSMNS

20 tooth:
- Tooth Outer Diameter: 68.27 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: CT1120RSMNS

22 tooth:
- Tooth Outer Diameter: 75.33 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: CT1122RSMNS


- 1 x Gates Carbon Drive CDX Rohloff Spline rear sprocket


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  • silver/19 tooth
  • silver/20 tooth
  • silver/22 tooth

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by Veikko I.  on 15.06.2018 (modified on 16.09.2018)
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A warning to all customers thinking to buy these sprockets from Gates: The current batch has a manufacturing problem due to which the fit between the Rohloff splined carrier and the sprocket from Gates is loose in the radial direction. Due to this the sprocket moves around the carrier causing clicking/snapping sounds & wheels when pedaling lightly.

I was told by bike-components that this is a known problem and that all the current Gates splined sprockets suffer from the same. I do not understand why they (both bike-components and Gates) are still having these available if there is a known defect that renders the product annoying to use (and results in numerous hours of head-scratching and troubleshooting as to where those sounds are coming from).

If you don't absolutely need one right now, don't get one. Wait until Gates resolves this issue and a new batch hits the market. I was told it is not known when this will happen.

EDIT 16.09.2018:
The above problem has been solved, not by Gates, but by Rohloff via means of a new carrier that uses a threaded lockring instead of a round spring (Rohloff art.#8540L). I got the new carrier free-of-charge via my local Rohloff dealer - please contact your dealer. Also note that new tools are required to fasten the lockring. For more information on the new carrier, see:

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