Magura MT5 Carbotecture® Front and Rear Disc Brake Set

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black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
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Magura MT5 Carbotecture® Front and Rear Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
Magura MT5 Carbotecture® Front and Rear Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
Magura MT5 Carbotecture® Front and Rear Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
Magura MT5 Carbotecture® Front and Rear Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
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Introduction to the Magura Performance: the MT5 Disc Brakes by Magura

Class adapted for use on cycles, motorcycle racing's proven 4-piston technology creates an absolute maximum of braking force. No matter how difficult the trail terrain, our 4-piston technology and novel new ergonomics in the brake lever give you a performance package which will fill you with confidence. The MT5 is also perfect for S-Pedelecs. The aluminum, two-finger brake levers are ergonomically perfect for your hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply the braking power you need, even during long braking actions. Our use of Carbotecture® technology in the brake handle housing keeps the MT5's weight down to a minimum and provides optimal braking performance.


Pistons: 4
Brake Mount: post mount (IS with adapter)
Rotor: not included (only with Storm / Storm SL compatible)
Hydraulic Fluid: Royal Blood (mineral oil)
Brake Hose Length: 2200 mm (F/R)
Brake Pads: organic / 9.1 Performance (Series, 4 Pistons / 2 Pads), 8.1 Performance (4 Pistons / 4 Pads)

Lever Specifications:

Body Material: Carbotecture®
Lever Material: aluminium
Clamp: split, carbon
Mount: both sides (FlipFlop)
Technologies: Carbotecture SL®, Carboflow®, Carbolay®

Caliper Specifications:

Material: aluminium
Construction: 1-piece
Brake Pads: top load (pad replacement does not require wheel removal)


- ergonomic 2 finger lever
- Carbotecture®- brake lever body and split clamp
- reach adjust, no tools required
- forged 4 piston caliper with banjo connection
- magnetiXchange pistons for easy pad replacement
- full hydraulic, 4 piston, floating caliper
- open hydraulic system with expansion chamber
- automatic pad adjustment
- (RHR – Rotatable House Routing)
- disc tube easily shortened
- disc tube easily shortened
- Easy-Bleed-Technology
- two piece clamp
- FlipFlop-Lever Body
- Feel-Safety-Ergonomics


Carbotecture SL®: Carbon fibers are extremely light, impact-resistant, shatter-proof and have the highest degree of bending strength in all the materials used in bike and motor sports components today. There is no better material to meet the demands placed on today’s high-tech brakes.

Carboflow®:One of Magura newly devolved methods, lay the carbon fiber in the direction of force. This yields a homogenous predictable surface area. Keeps weight down as much as oversized components allow.

Carbolay®: The fibers of the lever are first woven then the resin is added and allowed to harden.


- 2 x Magura MT5 front and rear disc brakes, mount ready (filled and bled)
- rotor not included
- adapter not included
- assembly hardware included


  • black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear): 510 g (Set)


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  • black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)

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Атличнии тормоза тупа ипать пажилой чебурек тормозят как тормоза пупа мощна

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Fantastic brakes. Great modulation and power. Hoses are easy to cut.

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