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Technical Information:

full frame
Lens Width:
131 mm
Lens Height:
53 mm
Arm Length:
121 mm


  • Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology enables fast and secure lens replacement
  • all-day comfort with lightweight and durable O Matter frame®
  • integrated ventilation system
  • three-stage adjustable temples for enhanced comfort and better helmet adaptation
  • optimal peripheral vision and side coverage thanks to Polaric Ellipsoid™lens geometry - Three-Point Fit enables precise optical lens alignment
  • metal logo design accents
  • impact resistance meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards for high speed, high mass impact protection
  • maximum clarity at all viewing angles thanks to XYZ optics
  • UV protection thanks to Plutonite® lens that filters 100% of all UVA/UVB/UVC rays and harmful blue light up to 400 nm
  • Iridium®and polarisation reduce glare and balance light transmission (for " Iridium" and/or " Polarized" frames)
  • interchangeable lens system to optimise performance in any environment
  • Unobtainium® nose pads and arm cover for a secure fit, even in the event of sweat formation
  • sports-specific Oakley Soft Vault protection for additional lenses included


Three-Point Fit:
Oakley's Three-Point fit keeps lenses in precise optical alignment. The frame materials combine durability and comfort with impact absorption designed specifically for competitive sports and the frame geometry provides maximum peripheral vision.

O Matter®:
This ultra-light synthetic material has been specially developed to guarantee all-day comfort, cushioning and durability against relentless extreme environmental conditions.

Oakley developed High Definition Optics® (HDO®). Behind this is a series of proprietary, patented lens technologies that provide unsurpassed optical accuracy and image fidelity worldwide. However, HDO® technology does not only stand for precision. It also stands for innovations in shock resistance that meet uncompromising safety standards and 100 % filtering of all UV light. Oakley HDO® protects the eyes while ensuring that visual information reaches the brain with the greatest accuracy possible with optical science. That is, after all, what champions require.

Prizm™ represents a revolution in lens optics, built on decades of colour science research. Prizm™ lenses provide unprecedented control of light transmission, allowing colours to be accurately matched to maximise contrast and improve vision.

If you need a replacement or just want to mix things up, have a look at these suitable lenses.


polished black / black iridium:
  • Frame Colour: black
  • Lenses: black
  • Properties: 10 % light transmission
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-01

polished white / prizm road:
  • Frame Colour: white-black-red
  • Lenses: pink
  • Properties: 20 % light transmission
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-05

Cavendish polished black / prizm road:
  • Frame Colour: black-green
  • Lenses: violet
  • Properties: 20 % light transmission
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-10

polished black / photochromatic lenses:
  • Frame Colour: black
  • Lenses: black transparent
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-14

sapphire fade / prizm sapphire polarized:
  • Frame Colour: black-blue
  • Lens: blue
  • Properties: 12 % light transmission
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-2231

ruby fade / prizm ruby:
  • Frame Colour: black-red
  • Lenses: red-orange
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-2331

polished black / prizm black polarized:
  • Frame Colour: black
  • Lenses: grey
  • Properties: 11 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-2831

polished white / prizm low light:
  • Frame Colour: white
  • Lenses: Prizm™ low light
  • Properties: 75 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-3231

polished white / prizm black:
  • Frame Colour: white-black
  • Lenses: grey
  • Properties: 11 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-2931

carbon fibre / prizm trail:
  • Frame Colour: black
  • Lenses: violet
  • Properties: 36 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-2531

sapphire / prizm road:
  • Frame colour: sapphire
  • Lenses: violet
  • Properties: 20 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-4431

matte black / prizm road black:
  • Frame colour: sapphire
  • Lenses: pink
  • Properties: 20 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-5031

matte black / prizm trail torch:
  • Frame Colour: black (matt)
  • Lenses: pink
  • Properties: 35 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-4831

celeste / prizm black:
  • Frame Colour: green
  • Lenses: grey
  • Properties: 11 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-5931

redline / prizm black:
  • Frame Colour: red
  • Lenses: grey
  • Properties: 11 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-5731

grey ink / prizm road jade:
  • Frame Colour: grey
  • Lenses: pink
  • Properties: 15 % light transparency
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-4631

polished white / prizm ruby:
  • Frame Colour: white
  • Lenses: bronze
  • Properties: 17 % light transmission
  • Manufacturer Number: OO9290-5831


  • 1 x Oakley Jawbreaker glasses™
  • 1 x Oakley Soft Vault case


  • matte black/prizm road black, in stock
  • matte black/prizm trail torch, in stock
  • polished white/prizm road refresh, out of stock
  • grey ink/prizm road jade, in stock
  • polished black/photochromatic lenses, in stock

Customer Reviews (11)


Customer Reviews (11)


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by Konstantin K.  on 02.04.2018
verified purchase
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Great glasses! Holds securely, wide ckear view, lenses are awsome. Photochromatic lens has a very light tint when not activated, but not enouth dark on super brite sun.
Prism trail gives super contrast picture! Best lens for trail riding.

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