OneUp Components EDC V2 Tool Set - black/universal

OneUp Components EDC V2 Tool Set

Item number: 79201

The EDC V2 tool set from OneUp Components - the most essential breakdown tool at your fingertips

The OneUp Components EDC V2 tool set includes all the essential tools for quick repairs on the road, and you don't even need a backpack to carry it all in. OneUp recommends the Everyday Carry Set consisting of carrier, multi-tool and tyre lever/chain tool combination tool as a clever solution for trips under 3 hours.
In comparison to the previous version, the durability of both the spoke wrench and chain rivet has been significantly improved. The set is rounded out with two sealed storage capsules: the smaller capsule is intended for the (not included) Tubeless Plug Kit with insertion tool and patch, which helps to quickly seal holes in tubeless tires, while the larger capsule accommodates the smaller one and offers storage space for further accessories. Both are connected to the bottom part of the EDC V2 Tool's housing; alternatively, a CO2 cartridge can be attached there.
The system can be conveniently stowed in either the steerer tube of tapered forks or inside of the handle of a OneUp mini-pump. As for the former solution, a special headset cap is used instead of a star nut and a thread has to be cut into the aluminium steerer tube. The V2 version of the tool has a low-friction design that enables easier removal.


Multi-tool with 10 functions, tyre mounting and removal, chain opening, wheel centring, valve fitting and removal
Tool Type:
special tool

Technical Information:

aluminium, composite, steel


  • 2 mm hex
  • 2.5 mm hex
  • 3 mm hex
  • 4 mm hex
  • 5 mm hex
  • 6 mm hex
  • 8 mm hex
  • Torx T25
  • flat-head screwdriver
  • EDC Top Cap tool (preloads the headset)

Combination tool:
  • #0, #1, #2, #3 spoke wrenches
  • Presta valve tool
  • tyre lever
  • chain tool
  • spare bolt for brake rotor

  • space for two chain locks
  • small storage capsule
  • large storage capsule
  • space for a CO2 cartridge (12, 16 or 20 g)


Transport in the steerer tube after threading:

Transport in a mini pump:


  • incl. all essential tools
  • multiple storage and carrying options
  • small sealed capsule for Tubeless Plug Kit (tubeless tire patch and insertion tool, not included)
  • large sealed capsule for extra storage space
  • secure, rattle-free system
  • innovative hex tool design
  • easier to remove than previous model, low friction design
  • redesigned, user-friendly chain rivet with steel body for increased durability
  • stronger spoke wrenches
  • black multi-tool and chain tool (no longer green)
  • no loose parts, ultra-compact, lightweight
  • works in conjunction with all V1 EDC Tool accessory options

Manufacturer Number:



OneUp Components EDC Tool V2:
  • 1 x carrier housing
  • 1 x multi-tool
  • 1 x tyre lever universal tool
  • 1 x small storage capsule
  • 1 x large storage capsule
  • 1 x anti-rattle washer for oval steerer tubes

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  • black/universal: 130 g
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.87 / 5.00


  • black/universal, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Tamas B. on 26.12.2021
verified purchase
item: black/universal

Despite it is the v.2 you cant applicate the large storage capsule or a co2 cartridge, because the EDC v.2 system just don't have enough space for them!

The construction is geting thiner in the direction of the fork.

Still great to have the m-tool, t-levers, c-braker, c-pin in yor fork stearer.

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