QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Suspension Systems

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QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Suspension Systems - black/standard
QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Suspension Systems - black/standard
QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Suspension Systems - black/direct mount
QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Suspension Systems - black/direct mount
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Automatic suspension system setup for your MTB: the ShockWiz™ Tuning System by QUARQ

When it comes to tuning your suspension, it is easy to get frustrated because, now a days, there is so many adjustments that can be made.
Now there's a way to do it without losing your cool: enter the ShockWiz™. It is a project, taken over by SRAM / QUARQ from the Dusty Dynamics Kickstarter campaign that makes setting up your suspension a breeze.
It is small and is the prefect tool for professionals and amateurs alike, no matter what their riding styles. It is compatible with various susρension fork and rear shock models from a diverse number of manufacturers. The high-tech hardware coupled with a smartphone app analyses the air pressure in your fork and rear shock and gives you tips on how to improve your setup. Being able to choose riding style and the bikes intended use, the ShockWiz™ can give you very specific adjustment tips.
So how does it work? The small waterproof case houses a highly accurate pressure sensor and microprocessor, which is attached to the fork or rear shock via the Schrader valve (this is the same valνe that is used for the shock pump). While riding, the ShockWiz™ automatically measures the air pressure 100 times per second. Precise algorithms then analyse the pressure changes and pinpoint the riding characteristics that should be adjusted for. Things like pogo, pack-down and bob can be recognized as well as their severity. After the analysis, ShockWiz™ suggests adjustments to optimize baseline air pressure, air spring ramp, rebound and compression through an overview in the smartphone app. There is no need to have your phone in wireless range either. The data can always be called up later.

Note from the manufacturer: ShockWiz™ is only effective when the fork and rear shock are clean and well maintained.

Information on the return of batteries and chargers:

You can find this information here.


Software Compatibility: Android versions as of 4.3, iOS® versions as of 9
Interfaces: Bluetooth® Low Energy (Smart)
Protection Class: IP67 (water and dustproof)
Battery: CR 2032


- automatically measures and analyses air suspension characteristics
- determines how well the fork and/or rear shock is working for the rider
- finds unwanted suspension characteristics
- offers adjustment and tuning tips
- is for every rider no matter their experience
- takes riding style and terrain into account
- no need to have smartphone near during the ride
- easy to mount
- data can easily be accessed per smartphone app
- is compatible with many different manufacturers


Full Compatibility:
- Forks and rear shocks with a positive air chamber with single volume (for example: RockShox Solo Air or Fox Racing Shox Float)
- RockShox Dual Air

Partial Compatibility:
- Adjustable travel forks likes Talas and Down Low Adjust must be kept in the same travel position when the ShockWiz™ is connected. Otherwise, new calibration is required.
- Due to their non-linear design, rear shocks with systems like Terralogic, Brain, iCTD und E:I only limited analysis options.

- Forks and rear shocks where the positive and negative chambers are joined with a shock pump is uses. (e.g. some Manitou forks)
- Forks and rear shocks that are filled through the negative chamber. (e.g. White Brothers and MRP forks)
- Forks and rear shock with variable chambers. (e.g. DRCV, Equalizer and IRT)
- RockShox Dual Position Air

Watch the following video to see the various ways the ShockWiz™ can be mounted on forks and rear shocks:

This second video will explain calibration and app setup (available for Android and iPhone):


Standard: made to mount to standard single crown and double crown forks.
Direct Mount: made to mount to upside-down (USD) forks like the RockShox RS-1 Solo Air

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

Standard: 00.3018.180.000
Direct Mount: 00.3018.180.001


- 1 x QUARQ ShockWiz™ Tuning System
- 1 x QUARQ long hose connector, for forks
- 1 x QUARQ short hose connector, for rear shocks
- 1 x QUARQ rubber mounting boot
- 1 x CR 2032 battery (installed)
- 2 x cable ties


-black / direct mount : 45 g
-black / standard : 45 g
-black / universal : 44 g


in stock 2 to 7 days up to 10 days up to 20 days
  • black/standard
  • black/direct mount

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