Splined Carrier L Splined Sprocket Adapter for Speedhub - universal/universal

Rohloff Splined Carrier L Splined Sprocket Adapter for Speedhub

Item number: 67331

Special solution for the use of plug-in belt drive sprockets: the Splined Carrier L Adapter by Rohloff

The Rohloff Splined Carrier L is specially designed for use with Gates-Rohloff plug-in belt drive sprockets. Unlike the conventional Rohloff Splined Carrier and the Splined Carrier S, where the sprockets are held in place by a lockring and are therefore mounted without tools, the Splined Carrier L is equipped with a lockring that is tightened with a pin wrench, hook wrench or the lockring tool.
Rohloff offers a template to check for collisions between the frame strut and the sprocket.
When using the splined carrier, the chain tensioner requires the long frame bolt.
The Splined Carrier L must be used exclusively for plug-in sprockets with 15 t-19 t + 21 t and is not compatible with plug-in sprockets with 13 t and 14 t. The use of a closed chain guard (Hebie Chainglider) is not possible.

Manufacturer's Notice:

Due to the extended number of teeth, many chainring / sprocket combinations are possible. The permissible or desired transmission ratio can be determined with the Gears-Meters Table. In practice, a gear ratio (chainring: sprocket) of 2.5 - 2.8 has been proven to be suitable for touring/everyday use. However, if you are travelling off-road and in the mountains, you can choose your own individual gear ratio down to a minimum factor of 1.9.

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  • 1 x Rohloff Splined Carrier L
  • 1 x Rohloff lockring

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