2INPower DM MTB Power Meter Cranks - black/175.0 mm

Rotor 2INPower DM MTB Power Meter Cranks

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A new experience in the field: the 2INPower Power Meter Crank from Rotor

When you go off-road, the 2INPower MTB power meter measures your power in real time for both legs independently, taking into account jumps, drops and other interruptions in pedalling. Monitor your data with the Rotor Power smartphone app to improve your performance and figure out when you should push ahead or when you should conserve your energy.
OCP technology lets find your optimal chainring position to optimise your biomechanics via the QRings.

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Cross Country
power meter crankset (dual-sided)
Chainring Mount:
Rotor Direct Mount

Technical Information:

Crank Arm Material:
aluminium (7055)
Crank Arm Length:
165.0 mm, 170.0 mm, 175.0 mm
52 mm (Boost)
169.5 mm
Axle Diameter:
30 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket:
BB89, BB92, BSA, PF30, BB30
+/- 0.5%
Point of Measurement:
Crank axle, crank arm
Power Source:
integrated lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
Battery Life:
up to 250 h
Data Collected:
Power, cadence, balance, torque effectiveness, pedalling
Data Transfer:
ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (4.0/LE)


  • independent left/right leg measurement
  • protected electronics (opposing gauges) in the axle and in the right crank arm
  • waterproof due to magnetic charging connection
  • black bumpers protect the crank from mechanical damage (other colours available as separate accessories)
  • regular firmware updates
  • low battery alert
  • compatible with oval and round direct mount chainrings from Rotor (R-Hawk)
  • compatible with Rotor software (available for Windows, OSX, IOS and Android), download from Rotor homepage
  • additional values via software: Torque 360, OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle)
  • crank connects to PC via USB ANT+ stick (e.g. Rotor USB ANT+ dongle)

Manufacturer's Warning:
For 2INPower cranksets, only the crank bolt included in the scope of delivery may be used (also available as a spare part). The crank screw for cranks without INPower has a longer thread, which damages the electronics.


Aluminium 7055
Rotor uses only the best materials to make the best cranks. 7055 combines the superior physical properties of a 7000 alloy with incredible wear resistance. Each bar of raw material is ultrasonically inspected to ensure that it is free from internal defects.

Twin Leg
Rotor's Twin Leg Concept (TLC) offers the stiffest possible crankset by balancing the left-right stiffness of the cranks. A super stiff right crank arm is of little use if the left crank arm cannot keep up. By designing the pedal cranks as a set instead of two separate crank arms, TLC contributes to the best balanced cranks available.

UBB System
The Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) system lets Rotor use both 24 mm and 30 mm axle diameters, making it compatible with almost all frames on the market.

This crankset is based on the well-known Rotor INPower wattmeter system. The 2INPower measures the power of each leg individually, providing accurate balance and performance data and uncovering areas for improving pedalling performance. The power measurement of the left leg is typically measured in the axle via two pairs of opposing gauges. Two pairs of additional opposing gauges are placed in the right crank arm, which measure the power of the right leg only. Independent or combined analysis utilising Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) and Torque 360 metrics can be performed with the free user software.

Optimum Chainring Position (OCP) indicates the various adjustments that Rotor Q-Rings offer to adapt to the rider's specific pedalling characteristics. Q-Rings have up to 5 OCPs. These positions help to optimise your pedalling behaviour.
You can determine your OCP if you know your optimal chainring angle (OCA), which you can determine by a Torque 360 step analysis with the user software of Rotor 2INPower and INPower.

Manufacturer Numbers:

165.0 mm:
170.0 mm:
175.0 mm:


  • 1 x Rotor 2INPower DM MTB left crank arm, incl. Rotor INPower axle
  • 1 x Rotor 2INPower DM MTB right crank arm, incl. INPower sensors
  • 1 x Rotor 2INPower crank bolt
  • incl. black bumper
  • not incl. chainring
  • not incl. bottom bracket
  • without USB ANT+ stick
  • not incl. Rotor 2INPower Bumper Set

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.89 / 5.00


  • black/175.0 mm, in stock

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