Rotor ALDHU 3D+ / VEGAST Chainring, 4-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm BCD

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Rotor ALDHU 3D+ / VEGAST Chainring, 4-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm BCD - black-matte/50 tooth
Rotor ALDHU 3D+ / VEGAST Chainring, 4-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm BCD - black-matte/50 tooth
Rotor ALDHU 3D+ / VEGAST Chainring, 4-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm BCD - black-matte/52 tooth
Rotor ALDHU 3D+ / VEGAST Chainring, 4-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm BCD - black-matte/52 tooth
Rotor ALDHU 3D+ / VEGAST Chainring, 4-Arm, Q-Rings, 110 mm BCD - black-matte/36 tooth
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Still getting more individualised: the ALDHU 3D+ chainrings by Rotor

The ALDHU 3D+ and VEGAST cranks are Rotor's most innovative cranks ever. The innovative modular structure, together with axles and different chainring options, makes each component individually available to accommodate the current spectrum of riders and bike standards.
This incorporates OCP Mount technology, which enables the rider to fine-tune the orientation of Rotor's oval Q-Rings. The proprietary, patent-pending design is based on the modularity of each crankset component.


Application: Road
Mount: 110 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm asymmetrical
Teeth: 34t, 36t, 39t, 44t, 50t, 52t, 53t, 54t, 55t, 56t
Gearing: 2x10-speed, 2x11-speed
Type: oval 12.5 %

Technical Information:

Material: aluminium (7075)


- Shimano 4-arm cranks (Crank Covers for Dura Ace R9100, Dura Ace 9000 bzw. Ultegra R8000, Ultegra 6800 recommended)


- OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) Mount Technology for fine-tuning the orientation of Rotor's oval Q-Rings
- for chainring change only an allen key is required
- 34 - 44t inner chainring, 50 - 56t outer chainring


Oval Rings
Throughout Rotor's history, many professional cyclists and triathletes have chosen Q-Rings. Their victories, like gold at the Olympics, the podium's top spot in the Tour de France, more than twentyfive wins in Ironman races, and more than twenty mountain bike, road, time trial and cyclocross world championship titles speak for themselves. Biomechanical research indicates that with Q-Rings, the effort is translated into performance and pedaling efficiency. Q-Rings compensate for inefficiencies in the pedal stroke by maximizing muscular engagement through the most powerful
portion of the pedal stroke and minimizing it through the dead spots. In scientific, 1 km time trial studies, Q-Rings resulted in a 1.6 second advantage compared to round rings. Some of the benefits of Q-Rings include improved overall performance, a greater ability to accelerate or sprint, a delay in the sensation of muscular fatigue, smoother torque, and better grip off road.

OCP Mount
Rotor's exclusive patented technology " OCP Mount" refers to the pedalling's biomechanical optimization when you are using Q-Rings; this lets you adjust the orientation between chainrings and cranks by one step degree.
The shape of the axle lets you position independently both cranks and spider or Direct Mount, and thereby change the relative orientation in order to adapt to the optimum orientation of each user.
The multiple positions offered by " OCP Mount" technology let a fine adjustment of the OCP (Optimum Chainring Position). In this way, with the OCP Mount technology, any oval chainring can benefit from an OCP with micro-adjustment to increase the performance of your pedalling and your knees health, or even to modulate the traction in MTB and Cyclo-cross.
Adjust perfectly your chainrings to your pedalling style with the Rotor's " OCP Mount" .

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

34 tooth: C01-038-27010-0
36 tooth: C01-038-25010-0
39 tooth: C01-038-22010-0
44 tooth: C01-038-17010-0
50 tooth: C01-038-11010-0
52 tooth: C01-038-09010-0
53 tooth: C01-038-08010-0
54 tooth: C01-038-07020-0
55 tooth: C01-038-06010-0
56 tooth: C01-038-05010-0


- 1 x Rotor Q-Ring chainring
- spider not included


  • black-matte/36 tooth: 132 g (in Kombination mit 52Z)
  • black-matte/52 tooth: 132 g (in Kombination mit 36Z)


in stock 2 to 7 days up to 10 days Out of stock inform me
  • black-matte/34 tooth
  • black-matte/36 tooth
  • black-matte/39 tooth
  • black-matte/44 tooth
  • black-matte/50 tooth
  • black-matte/52 tooth
  • black-matte/53 tooth
  • black-matte/54 tooth
  • black-matte/55 tooth

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